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MicroAge is pleased to announce it has named PlanetOne an Outstanding Partner for 2019.

PlanetOne received MicroAge 2019 Outstanding Partner Award

MicroAge’s Larry Fulop presents 2019 Outstanding Partner award to PlanetOne’s DeAnna Sack.

Larry Fulop, MicroAge vice president of technology and marketing, presented the award to PlanetOne during the MicroAge annual Circle of Excellence awards evening on February 8, 2020.

In presenting the award, Fulop commended PlanetOne on their commitment to the partnership with MicroAge.

“PlanetOne is a true partner in every sense of the word,” noted Fulop. “We know we can count on them to support us and to consistently deliver industry-leading telecom and collaboration solutions to our clients.”

PlanetOne’s DeAnna Sack attended the awards celebration and accepted the award on behalf of PlanetOne.

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