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MicroAge is pleased to announce it has named Semaphore an Outstanding Partner for 2019.

Semaphore named a 2019 MicroAge Outstanding Partner

MicroAge’s Larry Fulop (L) presents the 2019 Outstanding Partner Award to Kyle Yencer, Semaphore managing partner.

MicroAge Vice President of Technology and Marketing Larry Fulop presented the award during the MicroAge annual Circle of Excellence awards evening on February 8, 2020, noting the superior responsiveness Semaphore provides.

“Delivering best-in-class service is at the heart of our business at MicroAge,” noted Fulop. “So, it’s imperative that our partners are dedicated to the same high standards. It’s reassuring to partner with Semaphore because their performance ideals align closely with our own. We trust that when we partner with Semaphore our clients will receive excellent service.”

Kyle Yencer, Semaphore managing partner, and Ellen Yencer, Semaphore marketing and operations manager, were in attendance and accepted the award on behalf of Semaphore.

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