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Migrate fast without

unnecessary disruption

Move with Precision, Security & Speed

Ensure a fast, smooth transition with our proven methodology that helps reduce costs, speeds return on investment, reduces downtime risk, improves performance and offers a safeguard on application availability.

Reduce Costs

Move data to fast, secure systems help reduce costs and add flexibility.

Decrease Risk

Team with an expert partner to migrate with confidence.

Limit or Avoid Disruption

Account for needed outages while maintaining business continuity and stability.

Proven Data Migration Methodology

Our proven Data Migration Methodology ensures your project is well-planned from end-to-end. We employ a rigorous, consultative process that guides you through our assessment, preparation, migration and operational phases.

data migration methodology - MicroAge

Accelerate Migrations

Streamline migrations while limiting downtime and the potential for data corruption as you move to the cloud or tackle your next data center transition to support a connected workforce.

Propel Performance Levels

Rely on end-to-end services for an efficient migration fueled by analytics, deep expertise, and best practices every step of the way for high performance outcomes that empower high-performance business results.

Trust the Experts

Migrate with confidence with our award-winning services team backed by thousands of engagements and hailed by The Channel Co for Managed Services. From discovery to strategizing to launch—our experts provide end-to-end IT migration services.

Streamline your
next migration

Get ready to fast-track your migration while minimizing downtime and the potential for data corruption.

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