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$6 Million Thumb Drive: All Flash Arrays Help Law Firm Maintain Confidentiality

Although cloud storage is increasingly popular, it’s not an option for companies where confidentiality and security are paramount. Contractually obligated to keep data on premises, these companies often opt to lease storage equipment but find they run out of space long before the lease ends. Faced with this predicament, a global law firm turned to MicroAge for a solution of all flash arrays that met its exponentially growing storage needs.

“The firm could have continued to buy more storage for its old equipment for two years until its lease was up, but rather than invest all that money in additional storage, MicroAge was able to get them into superior equipment within a few months,” says Rick Trujillo, MicroAge account manager.

The Dell EMC VMAX 450 all flash arrays were a much better solution than the storage attached network drives the firm was using. “Not only is SAN a slower system that uses more power, but its moving parts require more maintenance,” Rick says. “With less break/fix and a decreased workload, VMAX offers more of an autopilot solution; it’s mostly software on flash storage—think of it as a $6 million thumb drive.”

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In addition to offering much faster speed, VMAX provides higher availability for the firm’s 2,000 employees putting in many billable hours in 22 offices around the world. “With an array at each of its Los Angeles and San Francisco offices, they can run at the same time and backup the other with instant fail over,” says Rick. “The software allows for more streamlined disaster recovery as well as asynchronous and multi-synchronous replication for a lower risk of failure.”

Sold on VMAX’s benefits, the law firm needed help getting out of its lease to move forward. MicroAge negotiated for the firm to buy out the remainder of the old lease from a third-party leasing company as well as discounts on the VMAX solution that made a new lease worthwhile.

“MicroAge’s solid, long-lasting relationships with Dell EMC and Dell Financial Services helped us negotiate a deal that worked for everyone,” Rick says. “Involving executives not only helped steer the boat, but also ensured the deal was properly structured.”

One year later, that loyalty remains strong—the all flash arrays storage solution is helping the firm more effectively maintain and protect client data, and can help others with similar storage dilemmas. “The cost of flash has come down; it’s an outstanding option for those who can’t outsource or put information in the cloud,” says Rick.

MicroAge can help with all of your company’s storage needs, including all flash arrays. Contact Rick Trujillo at 480-366-2149 or

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