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From 6 to 100 MB: How to Speed Up Internet in a Remote Location

It’s possible with a MicroAge Telecom Analysis.

Slow Internet can be frustrating, yes. But it can also be bad for business. Meeting with the IT manager of a 300-employee casino in a remote location, MicroAge’s Amber Tuckwiller and Phil Tuckwiller heard him say something that made them do a double take.

“He said the casino was running off of 6 MB,” Amber says. “Most homes have a bandwidth of 10-plus MB! He just said it in passing, but we knew we could help him speed up his Internet—even in his remote location.”

The casino, a campus environment, uses its Internet bandwidth for applications, player tracking and gaming—all vital functions for the business.

Phil, who manages MicroAge’s telecom practice, offered to conduct a telecom analysis.

“They knew their Internet was running slow. They certainly noticed,” Amber says. “But the IT manager didn’t think there were any other options because of their remote location.”

But Phil’s telecom analysis revealed options.

“Basically, we go into the marketplace and find what carriers are available in the client’s area,” he explains. “We look at big carriers and small ones too. And oftentimes, we’re able to provide options that clients weren’t aware even existed that allow them to speed up their Internet—even in a remote location.”

The casino happened to be moving an office, and that’s where Phil saw yet another opportunity to help.

“We recommended that they remove a point-to-point data connection that they no longer needed because of this move within their campus,” he explains. “And removing this one connection essentially covered the cost of their upgrade.”

That upgrade involved installing a 100 MB fiber line within their campus environment. They were also able to partition the bandwidth to accommodate their security needs.

The old 6 MB pipe was left in place and can now be used as their failover solution, Phil says. And removing the point-to-point saved the client about $2,000 a month, which covered the cost of the fiber solution.

“They were able to go from a 6 MB cable connection to a 100 MB fiber connection without spending any more money,” Amber says. “And they now have a failover plan, which they didn’t have before. It was a huge win for them.”

Want to see if you can hit the telecom jackpot? Call Amber Tuckwiller at 480-366-2075 or email her at for a telecom analysis and to learn more about MicroAge’s telecom solutions.

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