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What happens when the one and only IT person for a successful construction and remodeling company moves on to another organization, leaving no one to manage backups and keep systems running and secure? This scenario can lead to disastrous outcomes, but in this case, thankfully, the employee who found herself in the position of de facto IT caretaker turned to MicroAge Managed Services for help.

“When we first talked to the Crase Construction team, they had just lost their IT manager – the only person with the ‘keys’ to their IT operation,” says MicroAge Director of Services Presales Rick Trujillo. “They knew they needed to back up their server but didn’t know how or where to begin.”

Jon R. Crase Construction, Inc. specializes in residential remodeling and restoration in Campbell, California. The highly skilled construction craftsmen deliver beautiful interiors for their demanding clientele. But IT? Not so much.

“After taking care of their backup,” Rick continues, “we recommended that we review their security and compliance posture for the rest of their environment. They were open to that suggestion and asked for a proposal for managing their IT services.”

MicroAge is easy to work with. Not only do they help find a solution to your issue, but they go above and beyond in explaining how the issue may have occurred and how to prevent it from happening in the future. They are so responsive!
– Chloe Woods, Account Manager, Jon R. Crase Construction, Inc.

MicroAge Managed Services includes an array of services, beginning with a comprehensive onboarding process. The thorough practice establishes points of contact, processes, secure password management, and discovery of the client’s overall environment, licensing, contracts, applications, backup infrastructure, maintenance windows, ISP, and documentation.

“One of the things we do in our onboarding process is discover and assess the environment to see if there’s anything that is cause for concern that we should immediately resolve to bring the systems to a healthy state and allow us to be better supporters of the environment,” notes Rick. “It just allows for a better go-forward strategy for management of the environment for both the client and MicroAge, as their Managed Service Provider (MSP).”

After handling the immediate concerns of backups, patching, and updates, the MicroAge team turned its attention to Crase’s Microsoft 365 installation.

“Like most businesses today, Crase was running an M365 environment, but without IT support, they didn’t know how to administer or secure it,” adds Rick. “So, we added the management of their Microsoft environment to their proposal.”

The Crase team also engaged MicroAge Help Desk Services, which offers US-based tech support with a complete end-user experience, from onboarding to desktop and application support, change management, and secure offboarding of the user with asset and data retention.

One of my favorite things about working with MicroAge is their commitment to improving our tech environment by keeping up with the latest technology and security practices.
– Chloe Woods, Jon R. Crase Construction, Inc.

With MicroAge now managing the company’s IT environment, including servers, firewalls, switches, Wi-Fi, workstations, network devices, their Microsoft 365 instance, and Help Desk support, the team at Crase Construction can refocus on what they do best: designing and building beautiful homes that delight their clients.

Need help managing your IT? Let’s talk.

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