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Government Contractor Turns to Vet-Owned MicroAge for Cisco DPAS Order

Government contractor earns high rating after engaging MicroAge as IT provider for DPAS-rated order.

Government contractors deal with sensitive data—top-secret information that requires high-level security clearances. As a veteran-owned business, MicroAge understands this.

“When we work with government contractors, we don’t have the advantage of knowing much about the end users,” explains MicroAge’s Michael Zitar. “The contractors are the ones on the ground with the security clearance to assess the situation. But they don’t always have the logistical means to acquire the hardware and software they need or the relationships in place to get the items as quickly and efficiently as they need them.”

The procurement specialist and project coordinators for one government contractor hired to perform network services turned to Michael, and his MicroAge colleagues, Chris Robinette and David Knowles. The MicroAge team offered technical validation of the equipment and provided logistics support to ensure timely delivery.

“We were supporting their technical folks on the ground,” Chris says, “to make sure the project would go as smoothly and as quickly as possible.” Plus, this was a DPAS (Defense Priorities and Allocations Systems)-rated order—meaning that it’s signed off on by the Secretary of Defense and takes precedence over every non-rated order the contractor is working on.

“A DPAS order goes to the top of the list no matter what,” David adds. “The purpose of DPAS is to promote the national defense.  Everybody else has to wait.”

The MicroAge team understands this urgency and sensitivity, and works to ensure that manufacturers—in this case, Cisco—deliver. The solution included:

“While inventory was thin, and in some cases non-existent, our team was able to work with the manufacturer and members of the distribution channel to provide the required hardware in a timely manner,” notes Chris.

Government contractors are rated when they complete these kinds of projects. For this project, Chris says, the contractor earned a very high rating for its on-target technical logistics, pricing and smooth implementation.

If you’re a government contractor looking for an IT partner that understands your business, MicroAge is here for you. Contact Michael at 480-366-2120 or; Chris at 480-366-2087 or; or David at 480-366-2110 or

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