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HIPAA-Compliant Backup Storage Reduces Health Care Firm’s Risk

You might take for granted the backup solution and process you have in place. But here’s something we’re reminded of all the time. Some organizations—for a variety reasons—are using old technology for data transfer in their backup solution.

Older technology can be laborious and cumbersome for IT staff. It can also put an organization at risk. And for companies in regulated industries like health care, HIPAA-compliant backup storage can become a serious issue.

For one health care organization with multiple locations in the Southeastern United States, an antiquated backup storage solution was putting the company at risk. The IT director knew it was time to call MicroAge’s Dave Haller.

“The company was using flash drives,” Dave says. “Three staff members were assigned to backup duty, and they were backing up on a weekly basis and taking the flash drives to another location to transfer the data.”

One of the reasons that some organizations don’t update their technology—including backup storage—is cost. So, Dave worked with the IT director and his network engineer to find a cost effective option.

“Backup storage is critical to an organization, but budget can be a barrier,” Dave says. “That’s why I encouraged our client to look at Cybernetics.”

Cybernetics, he says, offers comparatively inexpensive storage boxes.

The client opted for two 48 TB boxes (iSAN-1216), which came it at less than half the cost of the options they’d previously explored. And what’s more, the management console is user-friendly.

“We did a demo for them,” Dave notes. “And we showed them what it would be like to use these boxes every day.”

The client was sold. Dave then arranged for two-day delivery.

“They are loving life,” he says. “It’s been so easy for them. This Cybernetics HIPAA-compliant backup storage solution takes a fraction of the time and resources that they were accustomed to spending—and with much-improved performance. They are a leaner and meaner operation now.”

Is it time to update your backup solution? Let MicroAge help. Contact Dave Haller at 480-366-2147 or

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