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HP SAN Upgrade Sidesteps Costly Forklift Upgrade

In the data intensive insurance industry, having enough network capacity to securely store your information is critical to your operations.

For one MicroAge client, a New Jersey-based insurance provider with 150 users, expanding its 30-terabyte storage area network (SAN) to meet its growing data needs was not the only challenge. The SAN upgrade needed to be compatible with an older OS version in terms of management and flexibility, and replacing the whole network with a forklift upgrade was cost prohibitive.

That’s why the client turned to MicroAge’s Michael Zitar. Michael had worked with the IT manager in the past and was familiar with the existing system. Working with HP, they identified the exact services, upgrades and warranty he would require for his HP SAN upgrade.

Together, they put together a solution that would not only provide him with the six terabytes of extra storage he needed but would upgrade his entire OS network at the same time. That’s because HP supports the lifetime of the equipment. So each time he needs to make a change, he’ll receive an automatic upgrade.

“That’s the great thing about HP,” Michael says. “You can scale out without having to scale up, which in the latter case, would require a forklift upgrade each time.”

The proposed configuration included the HP StoreVirtual 4530 SAN which was compatible with the older HP LeftHand P4000 series. Additionally, the solution included HP’s Care Pack Service, a support package that expands and extends standard warranties for HP hardware and software and provides 24/7 support when the client needs it.

Installing the system was seamless. Because the IT manager didn’t want down time, the HP services manager went on site after hours on a Friday evening, performed the HP SAN upgrade, upgraded the existing OS to the current version and ensured all were networked together.

Michael says the IT manager is pleased with the new HP SAN upgrade and will be in touch with him the next time he needs to expand.

In other words, MicroAge was able to provide him exactly what he was looking for: enterprise storage, simplified management and reduced costs.

Contact Michael and see if an HP SAN upgrade will allow you to avoid a pricey forklift upgrade. Reach him at 480-366-2120 or

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