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An Innovative Solution to Server Latency Issues with PernixData

Planning ahead is critical for IT management success. Without accurate forecasting and strategic planning, you might discover that your organization’s IT needs outpace your budget for new hardware, creating problems like server latency.

A Southwest-based wellness company with more than 100 employees learned that the hard way. Three years ago, the company purchased a SAN, and recently started experiencing latency in its server environment. The Exchange mail server was especially slow.

So, had they purchased the wrong SAN?

“Not exactly. They bought the product they needed at the time,” explains MicroAge’s Rick Walsh. “But their previous reseller didn’t help them factor in growth.”

The server latency was upsetting employees whose productivity was impacted — and the whole debacle was one giant headache for the IT manager.

“The help desk was inundated with support calls about Outlook’s slow performance,” Rick says. “They traced it down to the SAN’s inability to meet performance requirements.”

The traditional fix, he notes, is to purchase a shelf of expensive disks to add to the SAN array. Another option is to purchase a whole new SAN array.

Both solutions certainly would increase performance and solve the problem. But they come with high cost, and the client intended to keep their current SAN for five years.

“There were no budget plans for a new SAN or SAN expansion project,” Rick says.

Rick had the perfect alternative solution in mind to address the server latency: PernixData FVP.

“PernixData FVP software uses either flash drives or RAM on the server to create a cache that stores transactions until they can be written to the SAN,” he explains.

The result is the elimination of the server latency issues for the end user.

And here’s some more good news: PernixData is less than half the cost of upgrading.

In addition to the FVP software, the client purchased PernixData Architect, infrastructure analytics software used in conjunction with FVP.

“Architect handles management, optimization and reporting for the environment,” Rick notes.

The client saw immediate results. Once the proof-of-concept was completed, Rick says, the client ordered the software as well as flash drives to install in the server. Right away, read times decreased by 27 percent as write times decreased by 39 percent.

“It has really improved the day-to-day stuff we use,” the IT manager said. “I’ve been really impressed by it.”

If you’re looking for innovative solutions to your IT challenges, talk to Rick Walsh before you do anything else. Contact him at 480-366-2030 or

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