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IT Infrastructure Overhaul Strengthens Manufacturer for Future Growth

Exponential growth is something many executives dream of when starting a company, but few are prepared for the challenges that arise when it happens, as one nutrition product manufacturer experienced after growing from 20 employees to 300, resulting in the need for an immediate IT infrastructure overhaul.

Unable to accommodate so many users, the company’s homegrown IT systems crashed during the holidays, causing the loss of all email—a particularly disastrous event because employees also used it for sales invoicing. Fearing its future was in jeopardy, the company turned to MicroAge for help.

Chris Reinhard took immediate steps to get the company up and running, helping employees create Google accounts for immediate email access before evaluating the environment. Three days later, the company was operating on Microsoft Office 365.

“Chris has taken the time to learn and understand exactly what he’s selling, taking a multitude of factors into account including the numerous licensing programs that accompany Microsoft products,” says Rob Moyer, Vice President, Microsoft Global Business Unit, for the IT distributor Chris worked with during the migration. “He continuously finds the most suitable Office 365 solution for his clients, proving that they do not need to be leery of moving to the cloud.”

After restoring the company’s email, Chris began addressing other aspects of its antiquated systems. “The IT infrastructure was a ticking time bomb, comprised of so many different freeware products,” he says. “The company needed an IT infrastructure overhaul on a cohesive platform with a mainstay vendor so it would have one throat to choke when problems arise.”

MicroAge created a data capacity plan, shipped three HP ProLiant DL380p Gen8 servers to replace the core infrastructure, standardized the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, and created a hybrid cloud data backup solution for business continuity.

Replacing the network switch with a NETGEAR ProSAFE M4100 Series access layer switch provided the company with an affordable solution, and MicroAge arranged for two company employees to receive VMware certification before migrating to its virtualization product.

“Instead of operating in a reactive mode where it was chasing broken light bulbs, the company now has a proactive, structured plan for moving forward,” Chris says. “By making sure things are done right the first time, it has the solid foundation needed to support its market success.”

Has your company outgrown its infrastructure? Can its systems handle future growth? Talk to Chris today at or 480.366.2091.

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