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Media Firm Gets High-End Custom Workstation with Fast, Easy Deployment

Producing high-quality media content requires tremendous processing power and memory. When a New York- and Hollywood-based television and film company needed a standardized workstation platform to meet its content editors’ media needs, it turned to MicroAge for help.

The client had very specific—and very ambitious—video editing needs. MicroAge’s Daniel Archer and Sue Spinnato found a VisionTek/AMD Radeon HD graphics card was exactly what the company needed.

“We also found a Dell workstation that met all of their needs and could be sourced from Dell as a standard for them,” Daniel notes. Each of the 90 workstations had to be able to support two high-end video monitors as well as a television so content developers could see how graphics would appear to viewers.

“The challenge, however, was making sure the workstation and video card were compatible with each other—and getting Dell to approve a custom build,” Sue says.


Time found: When all 90 workstations arrived at the client’s site, they were ready to deploy, saving the IT team an estimated one hour per unit of rollout time.

The goal was to deliver the workstations to the client out-of-the-box ready for easy deployment—complete with the third-party video card integrated into the machine as well as the client’s image pre-loaded.

Sue led the effort and engaged with engineers at VisionTek and Dell to ensure compatibility, gain Dell approval and move the project forward. She also worked with Dell to have a Dell project manager assigned to the project.

“The project manager was really a value-add for our client,” Sue says. “He helped make sure our client received the proper amount of attention, and when there was an issue with the client’s original image, he helped the client repair it.”

The ability to recognize a client’s need and solve it is where Dell shines, Daniel notes.

“In the end, we knew our goal was a seamless deployment for the client,” Daniel says. “And with MicroAge’s long partnership with Dell, we have the ability to expedite the process and get our clients what they need without any headaches or hassles.”

That focus on each individual client’s needs is why Dell and MicroAge partner so well, adds Chris Floyd, Dell channel account executive “MicroAge always puts its clients’ needs first, going above and beyond to meet technology needs while delivering exceptional service and support,” he says.

When all 90 workstations arrived at the client’s site, they were ready to deploy, saving the IT team an estimated one hour per unit of rollout time.

“When the computers were delivered, they all worked right out of the box. There were no firmware errors or any issues with incompatible software,” Sue says. “So, instead of spending hours downloading drivers and installing software, the company needed only to add an IP address to their plug-and-play workstations.”

The platform is also one that will stand the test of time—the team estimates it will last more than a year. Since the initial 90, Sue says, the client has ordered about 50 additional identical workstations.

“And we’ve not had an issue with a single one.”

Whether you’re looking for high-end custom workstations or a simple PC refresh, MicroAge can save you time and money. Contact Daniel Archer at 480-366-2125 or

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