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MicroAge Does Heavy Lifting on HP PC Refresh

Technology can become outdated quickly. And as an IT leader, you know the importance of regularly updating your company’s equipment. For the IT director for North America of a large global heavy equipment manufacturer, a PC refresh meant it was time to call MicroAge’s Dave Haller.

“He contacted me because their lease was coming due. They needed new machines and updated technology,” Dave explains. “His IT department is spread very thin, so he needed someone who could do the heavy lifting on a PC refresh.”

Coming off of a four-year lease with HP, the client was interested in sticking with HP for most of the staff. Dave worked with HP to put together a package that would satisfy their needs for the next four years.

“They wanted to be able to future-proof their technology as much as possible,” he says. “So we wanted them to have a solution with the RAM and processing power to meet the technology and software requirements that may be coming.”

The client settled on nearly 100 HP EliteDesk 800 Mini desktops and about 200 HP Z Display LED monitors.

“The EliteDesk Mini is classified as the world’s smallest business class desktop,” notes Jeff Young, a channel manager with HP. “It brings a lot of power in a small space, so it’s perfect for clients that have limited shelf space.” He adds that it’s also a very energy-efficient option.

The client also received 65 HP 9480m EliteBook Folios—along with HP UltraSlim Docking Stations and HP keyboards and mice—for mobile users.

“The EliteBook Folio is one of HP’s thinnest and lightest laptop offerings,” Jeff says. The 9480, which has a 14-inch high-definition digital display, weighs in at less than 3.5 pounds and is just ¾ of an inch thick.

The client also has four years of accidental damage protection on the notebooks, which means that if an employee spills coffee on or drops her Folio, it will be replaced.

And the HP Elite series, Jeff adds, is a good choice for an organization looking to limit technology turnover.

“Our Elite products have longer lifecycles than many of our competitors,” he says. “That makes it ideal for IT managers who want to maintain their technology standards for longer.”

Dave worked with a MicroAge service provider who installed the core image onto all of the machines and then installed user-specific software for select machines on-site as well. The service provider also helped with the on-site installation.

“They came in on a Friday and were finished by Monday morning,” Dave notes. “So, there was minimal disruption to the company’s daily workings.”

MicroAge’s service partner also boxed up the old machines and shipped them to HP to close out the previous lease agreement.

“The client is very happy with how things have turned out,” Dave says. “Overall, the staff was happy with the changeover. They came into work, and they had brand-new equipment—and they didn’t have any disruption to their workflow.”

If you’re looking to do a PC refresh for your team or exploring a computer lease, MicroAge is here to help. Contact Dave Haller at 480-366-2147 or

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