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NetApp and Syncsort Provide Intelligent Big Data Management

When a business has more intelligence and data, it can make better decisions. And that’s a good thing. But if acquiring that business intelligence requires manual work on the part of your IT team, Big Data management can become a Big Problem.

For a 2,000-user manufacturing group, enterprise resource planning (ERP) was the answer—integrating various applications to manage all of this business data and to automate various functions.

“They were using storage as an ERP data dump,” explains MicroAge’s Dustin Wood. They needed a solution that would provide backup/disaster recovery as well as archival software that would help organize their mounds of data.

The client was already using a NetApp FAS2240, a powerful, affordable data storage option for midsized enterprises used with NetApp-compatible Syncsort, software designed to help organizations with their Big Data management.

Working with NetApp, Dustin was able to help demonstrate the value of NetApp’s solution—and get a discount for his client. They set up a NetApp FAS2554 as a replication target and implemented NetApp’s SnapMirror for data replication and disaster recovery (DR).

NetApp is known for efficiency, data availability, reliability and manageability. And part of what makes SnapMirror so efficient is the way it backs up data—using a SAN-based system rather than a host-based mirroring system. That difference can affect network bandwidth and costs.

In addition, NetApp’s FAS2500 series storage array is a unified platform for file and block protocols, and offers powerful, flexible storage that helps businesses protect their investment over the long term.

Part of that is because you can change platforms by simply upgrading the controllers—no need to purchase additional media or to migrate data. That lets clients get the most out of their NetApp storage.

In addition to a solid investment in storage, Dustin’s client is seeing a return on Syncsort.

“Before, if someone in the business needed information, IT would have to go manually gather the information,” he explains. “That could take hours upon hours.”

Syncsort, he notes, allowed his client to account for the growing complexities of business intelligence with automation—saving an untold amount of time.

“It will make business information more readily available,” he says. “And it won’t have to involve the IT team.”

Before you embark on your next business intelligence or storage project, talk to Dustin Wood. Reach him at 480-366-2172 or

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