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Network Upgrade Leads to Double the Bandwidth at Half the Cost

Office moves can be a headache—a migraine, really—for IT staff. But for a West Coast payment processing firm with more than 75 employees, an office move presented an opportunity for a network upgrade and new wireless solution for the company. And here’s perhaps the best part: Working with MicroAge, the IT manager came out a hero, saving the company thousands of dollars.

The client had been working with MicroAge’s Dave Lynn on upgrading their servers and storage.

“So, as a next step, they asked me about upgrading their networking,” Dave says. They had been very happy with Extreme Networks in their current location, so Dave got the ball rolling on a network upgrade.

Additionally, the client had been dissatisfied with its existing wireless so the IT manager took the office move as an opportunity to ask Dave for a recommendation on a new Wi-Fi solution, too.

“It made sense to use Extreme Networks wireless equipment since they were already happy with the product,” Dave says. “Plus, I like to make sure we utilize technologies that work well together.”

But Dave didn’t stop there. He also brought MicroAge’s telecom practice manager, Phil Tuckwiller, into the discussion about new voice and data connections.

“In my analysis, I realized they were overpaying for service,” Phil says.

The client, he explains, had multiple circuits providing different services—a PRI for voice and a 20 Mbps fiber connection for Internet.

“I proposed a converged solution,” Phil notes. “We upgraded their 20 Mbps fiber connection to a 50 Mbps fiber connection with converged voice.”

This solution offered a simpler option, giving the client just one circuit to manage—and pay for. Fiber networks typically take 90 to 120 days to install, but MicroAge’s service partner was able to complete the installation in less than 60 days.

“This was a big deal, because they needed their new office up and running in time for the move,” says Phil, who also researched and negotiated the best contract for the client’s telecommunications service.

After implementing the MicroAge solution and with Level 3 Communications as their service provider, the client has twice the bandwidth for half the cost.

“The client is very happy with the speed and reliability of their network upgrade,” Dave says. “They ended up with a much better outcome than they ever even imagined.”

When it’s time for a network or any IT upgrade, MicroAge is here to help. Contact Dave Lynn at or 480-366-2150.

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