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Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Solution Connects Buildings, Workers

The need for wireless Internet goes beyond coffee shops and bookstores. It’s a business necessity. And for a manufacturer in the auto parts industry with multiple buildings on one campus, it was important to have effective wireless inside each building and across the campus.

“I learned they weren’t happy with their current provider,” explains MicroAge’s Dustin Wood. “The quality of the installation was clearly poor. They had dead spots throughout their campus—it was obvious that it wasn’t done right. So I asked for a shot at the project.”

The client company’s systems administrator was eager to see what Dustin and MicroAge could pull together.

Dustin recommended a Motorola (now Zebra) and RADWIN combination solution—Motorola for inside the buildings and a RADWIN 5000 high-performance point-to-multipoint wireless solution on the exterior.

“I think RADWIN is a great choice for this client because they had remote warehouse and manufacturing buildings,” adds Aaron Barnes, professional services manager for RADWIN. “The buildings were too far apart to have an effective Wi-Fi, which is better suited for short distances. Yet in this case, the buildings were also too close to justify an expensive licensed microwave solution. This type of medium-range distance is where RADWIN excels.”

Plus, he says, RADWIN’s all-metal, IP67-certified, high-quality construction allows the base stations to function well in harsh outdoor conditions. He adds that this solution allows the client to hang a Wi-Fi solution on it and still have Ethernet bandwidth left over for switches, routers, servers and more.

Inside the buildings, the client updated its Motorola (now Zebra) components, which included a main hub with 40 AP 6521 access points (and the accompanying licenses) strategically placed throughout the environment.

Dustin also included professional services to install the products along with training for the client in his proposal.

“The installation took just a few days, so within a couple weeks of starting our work together, the entire project was finished,” Dustin notes. “They really like it. In fact, they’re so happy with it that a year later, we are outfitting a brand-new warehouse for them. This involves a fourth RADWIN location, Cisco switches and Motorola wireless as well as professional services—the site survey, configurations and knowledge transfer.”

Plus, in its newest OS release, Motorola now has built-in trouble-shooting capabilities, which eliminates the need to buy expensive third-party tools.

“That is a huge value-add to them,” Dustin says. “It’s really great when a solution can continue to scale—and even improve—over time.”

If you’re looking for a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint wireless solution, Dustin Wood can help. Reach him at 480-366-2172 or

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