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Production Floor Build-Out: MicroAge Rescues IT Manufacturer in Crisis

It’s an IT manufacturer’s worst nightmare. After outsourcing a product build, company leaders couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Flaws in the product, delays, incomplete boxes shipping out.

“This supplier was putting the company at serious risk,” explains MicroAge’s Chris Robinette. “They were burning their own brand with this defective product. So, they decided to bring production back in-house.”

The responsibility for developing the production line fell to the company’s IT department. Because it required a great deal of logistics and technology, the manufacturer turned to Chris and his business partner, David Knowles, for the production floor build-out.

“This debacle literally put them on the brink of going out of business,” David recalls. “We pretty much dropped everything to help them.”

The production floor build-out needed 250 stations within a few thousand square feet. To be able to provide the best advice, Chris and David asked essential questions about the flow of the production line and the products necessary to make it happen, working hand-in-hand with the IT staff.

Those components included racks, rails, electrostatic discharge (ESD) trays and mats, two types of controllers, fiber cables and more.

“In addition to the computing equipment used in the production line,” Chris adds, “we also needed the technology to test and validate the products as they came off the line.”

In just three months, Chris and David had their client’s production floor build-out up and running. The client was ecstatic (and “relieved,” Chris adds). In fact, their work was so well received by the client that they were invited back to outfit the company’s demonstration room.

“This was a really great project for us,” Chris says. “We were able to showcase our strategic and logistics expertise in addition to finding all the components they needed. It’s not every day that you get to help a company implement a production floor build-out from the ground up, and we really enjoyed being a part of this project.”

No job is too small or too big. If you have IT needs, contact Chris Robinette at 480-366-2087 or or David Knowles at 480-366-2110 or

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