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Powering Up a Rural Utility’s Network Security and DR

A rise in security breaches is causing IT managers in various industries to take note and examine the systems they have in place to prevent and remediate attacks. The IT team at a power company that maintains more than 12,000 miles of lines in the rural Midwest recognized that their industry was vulnerable; they knew they needed expert help to step up their utility’s network security.

So they called MicroAge.

Public service utilities like power companies are a likely target of threats, because currently, there are no government regulations. This company is taking it upon themselves to protect their organization and their users.

MicroAge’s Jimmie Buchanan met with the company’s IT team, which spans multiple departments.

“They came to us looking for a new next-gen type of security for the organization,” Jimmie says.

During the meeting, the team explored security, and looked at their entire infrastructure, disaster recovery (DR), virtualization, and more. Jimmie helped the team evolve its security strategy as well as understand currently available security tools, technologies and best practices.

Working with the power company’s CIO, chief architect, and information security and compliance analyst, the MicroAge team made various recommendations, and the company has determined a long list of needs.

As a first step in improving the utility’s network security, they implemented Carbon Black’s Cb Protection for endpoint protection.

DR factored heavily in the conversation as well, and the MicroAge team is assisting with an HPE and VMware solution. Next, they’ll embark on a virtualization project and make the switch to Office365.

Recognizing the importance of security and the strides they’re making with MicroAge’s guidance, the client, which is part of a co-op, invited MicroAge to present at a security conference to help other power companies in the region understand their options.

“They were really impressed with MicroAge’s practice management initiative,” Jimmie notes.

And as the company continues to enhance and secure its infrastructure to stay a step ahead of hackers, the client is grateful for the MicroAge team.

Are you confident your network is secure from today’s advancing threats? When you’re ready to talk security, talk to Jimmie Buchanan. You can reach Jimmie at 480-366-2088 and

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