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vCloud Air DRaaS: Enterprise-Ready Disaster Recovery on a Budget

If your data center goes down and you don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, you’re facing a serious crisis. For the IT department manager of a community nonprofit in the Midwest, that crisis would’ve had a ripple effect—as his data center operated as a central hub. Plus, as a one-man IT department, he would have had no additional resources to help during such a crisis.

He reached out to MicroAge’s Gary McGuiness for help implementing a backup solution. With limited budget and staff, the client wanted a solution that wouldn’t break the bank—and would ensure he could bring his applications and services back online on his own.

He initially inquired about a new SAN for data replication. But Gary had another idea: He suggested VMware’s vCloud Air Disaster Recovery as a Service instead.

“To deploy another SAN was going to take a lot of time and effort on his part,” Gary says. “Moving to the cloud would make the client’s life a whole lot easier.”

So, Gary brought in MicroAge’s Virtualization Practice Manager, Perry Peterson, to discuss the options.

After a couple of demos, the client knew VMware’s vCloud Air DRaaS was the disaster recovery solution for him. First, he saw how seamlessly vCloud Air would integrate with his existing system.

vCloud Air really makes sense for clients that already have VMware vSphere,” Perry notes. “They use the same graphical user interface and management tools, so there’s no learning curve there.”

The client also highly valued the recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) offered by vCloud Air DRaaS.

With his previous interval backup-to-tape system, his organization could lose hours and hours of data in a disaster. With vCloud Air’s 15-minute RPO, the client’s data was more secure, and lost productivity and data would be minimal. And the RTO was hard to beat: The client knew that in the case of a disaster, he could have his whole environment back up and running in less than four hours, Perry explains.

And one more thing: For organizations that have a tremendous amount of data, VMware will send out a NAS device to collect the data for the cloud seeding, and they’ll manage the initial transfer to the cloud to help you save on time and money.

“With vCloud Air DRaaS, our client now has an enterprise-level DR solution that he can even test non-disruptively,” Perry adds. “The solution provides an automated failover into the cloud in case his data center goes down. And he can rest easy knowing that his organization’s business-critical data and business-critical applications are protected. He’s been ecstatic about it.”

Looking for an affordable and easy to implement Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution? The experts at MicroAge are here to help. Contact Gary at 480-366-2137 or

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