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When Power Fails, Tripp Lite Protects with UPS Power Backup

When you manage IT for a retail operation, you need to be ready for new store openings. After all, there are a lot of IT needs ranging from power supplies to point-of-sale technology and more.

For the IT director of a midsize convenience store chain, preparing to open a new fuel station meant turning to his trusted advisor, MicroAge’s Dustin Wood, for help procuring an uninterruptible power supply (UPS power backup). But, as usual, the results of working with Dustin exceeded his expectations.

“The CIO had a particular UPS in mind,” Dustin says. “But he was also open to other ideas and options.”

The client was looking for three hours of battery backup on 18 amps of sustained power (with an inline bypass switch). Dustin also knew the client was price sensitive. So, he considered his client’s needs at the new location and suggested Tripp Lite.

For starters, Tripp Lite would cost less, but that wasn’t what solidified the client’s decision.

“He really liked the conversation he had with Tripp Lite,” Dustin says. “They did a really great job of talking through the options, offering a visual of the configuration and explaining the various technical specifications that supported our recommendations.”

Tripp Lite, he says, took the time to double check the client’s equipment list.

“What’s great about working with Tripp Lite and MicroAge is that we have experienced reps and engineers, and we take a consultative approach,” adds Corey O’Brien, business development specialist for Tripp Lite. “We really want to make sure the client understands what’s in their environment and what they need.”

Tripp Lite saw that the client’s desired UPS power backup was one that would fit the environment—but was far more than they actually needed. They suggested a different configuration and factored in 25 percent growth.

“Once the breaker panel capacity, device connectivity, existing PDUs and more were communicated, Tripp Lite discovered the wattage requirement was not as heavy as the client had anticipated,” Dustin says. “This meant they wouldn’t need to rewire anything and could save money by sticking with the largest single-phase unit.”

The client’s solution included a Tripp Lite SmartOnLine UPS power backup, multiple external UPS battery packs, two vertical, single-phase, rackmount PDUs and a Tripp Lite SmartRack enclosure cabinet. And the upfront discussions and planning led to a painless delivery and installation.

“We work to make sure the client gets exactly what they need,” Corey says, adding that Tripp Lite’s tech support is always at the ready. “Our engineers are just a ring away. There’s no ticket system with escalations. We’re ready for the client’s call at all times.”

And that puts IT managers and their teams at ease.

“It makes a big difference to work with people who are good at their jobs and understand the big picture,” Dustin says. “The client is very happy with this solution.”

When you’re ready to open a new location, talk to Dustin Wood about your IT needs. Reach him at 480-366-2172 or

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