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Antenna Plus has been Developing Innovative Antenna Solutions Since 1991

Antenna Plus has been developing innovative antenna solutions since 1991. The company has carved out the top quality spot for mobile solutions in the government, public safety, field service, AVL and road warrior markets. Antenna Plus has also developed superior performing antennas for telemetry and the new communicating kiosk/vending market.

Today, Antenna Plus produces antennas for cellular, PCS, GPS, WiFi, and most private radio frequencies – and can combine many of these together into one unit to make for a simple and easy-to-install solution. As an option, the company embeds the Trimble GPS receivers into the antennas to offer a full, two-way GPS experience for customers involved with AVL and Mapping solutions. For customers needing superior WiFi performance, Antenna Plus offers a WiFi Modem & Antenna that will extend the reach of your WiFi network to the vehicle with maximum speeds.

Overcoming the Challenge of Shielding

People who must use their laptop and wireless data modem in the car experience a reduction in performance. The metal and glass from the vehicle shields the modem from getting back to the cell site. This can impair the signal strength by as much as 20% or 10 dBi. By using Antenna Plus antennas, you get the signal out of the vehicle, elevate it on the roof, and then apply a 3 dB gain in the company’s patented design to give you the greatest reach to the communication network. This increases the geographical area where you can still work and also results in faster data throughput speeds as your quality of connection to the wireless network is better.

Making the Best Antennas

Antenna Plus has worked very hard to be the top quality antenna manufacturer. They were the first company to design and patent low profile antennas that are now seen on most police and field service vehicles. The benefit of this form factor is a very long product life. Antenna Plus antennas survive car washes, being swept by tree branches, and all environmental conditions. Each of the company’s communicating frequency antennas has an omnidirectional 3 dBi gain – believed to be the best for mobile solutions. Antenna Plus builds all of its products at its factory in the USA under the close scrutiny of the company’s cofounder. This attention to detail ensures that each antenna that ships meets the stringent quality standards of Antenna Plus.

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