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Defend Your Data with HP Print Security

You wouldn’t leave your network or computer unguarded, so why leave your printer vulnerable to hackers? HP Print Security provides real-time threat detection and software-validations that aren’t available with other vendors. If your printer is connected to the internet, your data may be at risk.

Attacks that Originate with Unsecure Printers:

  • Manipulation of documents sent to printers
  • Access to entire network via exposed device
  • Confidential documents leaked at the printer
  • Unauthorized use
  • Exposure of device settings
  • Blocking identity of hackers

Secure Your Printer from Startup to Shutdown


If your devices don’t have built in malware protection, you’re not doing all you can to prevent hackers from intercepting print requests or gaining access to your entire network through your printer.

Grant Access to Only Authorized Users and Devices

With HP Secure authentication, you can be confident that only the users you want have access to your print network, keeping your data encrypted.


Data Thieves Come From Out and Inside Your Company


From healthcare to financial services to manufacturing, data breaches can happen to any industry, at any time, and the culprits aren’t always who you think they are.

Are You At Risk?

Run a free diagnostic test—for up to 20 devices—to see if your HP printers are vulnerable to attack.