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Fast Changing Business Needs Suprior IT Security

In 1999, Kaspersky Lab was the first company to introduce integrated antivirus software for workstations, file servers and application servers running on Linux/FreeBSD operating systems. Today, the company offers a whole range of effective corporate security solutions for the most popular operating systems specifically designed for different types of businesses. The company’s product range covers all of the main information security requirements that businesses and large state organizations have to adhere to, including: excellent protection levels, adaptability to changing circumstances, scalability, compatibility with different platforms, high performance, high fault tolerance, ease of use and high value.

One of the primary advantages of Kaspersky Lab’s corporate range is the easy, centralized management provided by Kaspersky Security Center that extends to the entire network regardless of the number and type of platforms used.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows is based on the Kaspersky Lab’s latest intelligent, hybrid security technologies with deepest anti-malware protection and includes a wide range of security tools to effectively block modern blended threats, detect malicious activities and reduce business vulnerability. Strong anti-malware protection, based on Kaspersky Lab’s deep expertise and balanced global footprint, is supplemented with a broad set of IT Security features, including application control, web filtering, and device control. Kaspersky Endpoint Security 8 for Windows integrates with cloud-based security intelligence system, which provides real-time update for new and unknown threats and support for application white listing.

Kaspersky Security Center allows organizations with computer networks of any size, from several machines to distributed networks with a complex administration structure, to implement a flexible, scalable model of antivirus protection management. The ease of installation and minimal time required to manage a protection system using Kaspersky Security Center helps to minimize Kaspersky Lab antivirus solutions’ total cost of ownership.

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