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Data Center Class WAN Optimization

Silver Peak improves backup, replication and recovery between data centers and facilitates branch office server and storage centralization by improving application performance across the Wide Area Network (WAN). The company’s award winning Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) delivers exceptional performance improvements with unprecedented security and scalability across all enterprise applications, including data replication, backup, file transfers, email, web and real-time applications such as Citrix and VoIP.

WAN optimization reduces the amount of traffic sent across the WAN and delivers information locally whenever possible. This improves the costs associated with application delivery – from staffing, infrastructure and facility costs to expenditures in application software and WAN bandwidth. In addition, WAN optimization protects investments in business critical applications by ensuring that they meet end user performance objectives, and it minimizes risk of exposure by improving the performance and reliability of data backup, replication and recovery. As a result, WAN optimization provides an extremely rapid return on investment, plus the intangible benefit of increased end user productivity and unsurpassed IT satisfaction.

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