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Need to connect employees, partners and customers to your network resources?

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The world has become increasingly connected, integrated and mobile. In fact, wireless connectivity has gone from nice-to-have to must-have, as users demand 24/7 connectivity for not only their desktops, but their mobiles devices, too.

The result? Increasingly complex LAN/WLAN architectures that struggle to support bandwidth needs and provide the performance that users expect.

MicroAge’s powerful combo of technology and expertise ensures a unified network management strategy that fits your organization and keeps everyone connected. Our streamlined, consultative approach drives confidence and unified network management tools provide a consolidated view of both wired and wireless network assets, so you can keep everyone connected and humming.

Think your Network is
Good Enough?

Check out our experts' take on defining and moving to a modern network. Plus, what's wrong with legacy networks.

Designing Networking Solutions with MicroAge

An industry-leading networking solution can help:

  • Improve disaster recovery.
  • Maximize bandwidth.
  • Reduce application latency.
  • Ensure application accessibility.
  • Reduce expenditures.
  • Centralize network management.

As your networking partner, MicroAge can help:

  • Assess your current environment.
  • Advise you on the best policies and processes.
  • Assist with planning, design and layout.
  • Right-size the underlying hardware.
  • Ensure appropriate data protection.
  • Procure and manage mobile devices.
  • Provide training and support.

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Supporting Your Organization's Connectivity

Your networking strategy should ably support your organization’s connectivity needs. These services and solutions can help as you develop your networking strategy:

  • Network management
  • Network health check
  • Network components (routers, switches, chassis)
  • WAN accelerator
  • Load balancing
  • Application delivery controllers (ADCs)
  • Voice and data services

We're Well-Connected with Leading Networking Organizations

A modern network relies on world-class hardware and software from our industry-leading partners.

Expect the Best

You expect the best and brightest, and we deliver. We hold certifications and accreditations with all of the major providers of networking solutions, including Cisco, Dell, IBM, VMware and others.

In fact, MicroAge sales and technical consultants total more than 1,000 partner certifications—more than 200 with VMware alone—and average 13 years of experience each. That makes us uniquely qualified to create the right networking solution for you.

Deploying Networking Solutions with MicroAge

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We value your time and money, so our goal is to deliver a highly personalized networking solution that matches your organization's specific business requirements, while you serve the strategic needs of your core business.

With a secure and easily managed network environment that maximizes bandwidth, reduces latency and ensures the availability of business-critical applications, employees and external constituents will be more productive than ever before.

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