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Casino Wins Big with Aerohive Secure Wi-Fi Network

Controller-less wireless network is affordable and easy to manage. Today’s consumers have come to expect Wi-Fi. They choose coffee spots and sandwich shops based on wireless access, and they need hotels, convention centers and office complexes to offer this modern convenience. For a West Coast casino, not having a secure Wi-Fi network on the casino…Read More

Cloud Wi-Fi Solution Saves Time and Money

Not many organizations are truly global, or for that matter, national. This one is. With offices in 60-plus countries and 28 locations in the United States, it is a major real-estate presence. It conducts countless transactions across its US network every day, relying on its Wi-Fi network. However, as MicroAge’s Chris Pirwitz discovered, “The client…Read More

Controller-less, Cloud Wi-Fi Solution Improves Retail Chain’s Operations

When the IT manager for a regional chain of about a dozen retail stores was looking to enhance his Wi-Fi environment, he knew he wanted the most advanced technology available. “In most wireless environments, you have access points that have to communicate somewhere to access the security policies you’ve set up. That’s how the technology knows who’s allowed…Read More

Wi-Fi Solution has ‘Hive’ Architecture for Efficiency and Scalability

A Wireless Solution Built to Last Construction involves managing complex projects and close coordination of many moving parts. It is vital that a company’s network reliably supports every project at every job site with speed and accuracy. Recently, this well-known construction company approached MicroAge for guidance concerning wireless networking. The company had a wireless network…Read More

How to Set Up a World-Class Wireless Mesh Network No Matter Where You Are

What can any company with remote data access needs learn from a gold mine in the far north in Alaska? Apparently quite a bit. In this case study, MicroAge found an out-of-the-box solution for an in-the-middle-of-nowhere company that wanted to make sure its workforce of miners could stay connected with each other and their families.…Read More