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MicroAge Helps San Diego Padres Move to Cloud-Based Communications

San Diego Padres moved to cloud-based communications
Preparing to host an All-Star weekend is a lot more than just counting ballots. A number of mechanisms, processes, and communication are needed to provide a great fan experience. In preparation for the 2016 season and the July 12 All-Star game, the San Diego Padres organization knew it needed to update its communications system and…Read More

From 6 to 100 MB: How to Speed Up Internet in a Remote Location

It’s possible with a MicroAge Telecom Analysis. Slow Internet can be frustrating, yes. But it can also be bad for business. Meeting with the IT manager of a 300-employee casino in a remote location, MicroAge’s Amber Tuckwiller and Phil Tuckwiller heard him say something that made them do a double take. “He said the casino…Read More

Unified Communications: Lowering Phone Bill Allows for New VoIP System

Good Call: Telecom analysis uncovers savings, letting business upgrade to a unified communications VoIP solution. If you’re like a lot of IT leaders, you spend a lot of time and money on your company’s data—computers, data centers, networks and so on. Often overlooked is voice—or unified communications. For companies with employees who work off-site, from…Read More

Casino Wins Big with Aerohive Secure Wi-Fi Network

Controller-less wireless network is affordable and easy to manage. Today’s consumers have come to expect Wi-Fi. They choose coffee spots and sandwich shops based on wireless access, and they need hotels, convention centers and office complexes to offer this modern convenience. For a West Coast casino, not having a secure Wi-Fi network on the casino…Read More

Dell Networking Solution Lets Fast-Growing Pediatric Practice Keep Up

With four busy locations and 20+ physicians, this pediatric practice sees its share of skinned knees and other boo-boos. Focused on providing excellent, kid-friendly medical services, the practice has grown as fast as its patients, but its network just wasn’t keeping up. Between the sheer numbers of patient records, the electronic medical record mandate, and…Read More