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How to Reduce Latency, Improve RPO, RTO Under Budget

Photo representing How to Reduce Latency
Figuring out how to reduce latency issues for a company with nearly 1,000 employees across nine offices in five countries is a challenge. Now, imagine doing it with just two IT staff. That’s what the new director of IT at an international retail company was tasked with. “The IT director was hired to fix the…Read More

MicroAge Rescues EMS Company with IT Managed Services

Business growth is exciting—after all, it indicates success. But there’s a downside, too: the IT challenges that come from trying to keep pace. Read on to see how MicroAge recently helped a company get a handle on things with IT managed services. For a growing private ambulance company on the West Coast, the business strategy…Read More

Cisco Stealthwatch: Network Visibility and Security Analytics

Cisco Stealthwatch
Combining their expertise in security and data center networking, Cisco Stealthwatch brings pervasive security to your entire environment. All traffic, both benign and malicious, must traverse your network in order to carry out its function. With Cisco Stealthwatch, your NetFlow data is leveraged along with advanced security analytics to help detect both user-based threats and…Read More

Cisco Collaboration Platform Delivers Confidence and Cost Savings

Cisco Collaboration Platform
For some organizations, the phones have to ring for the business to thrive. What happens when your phones go down for a few minutes? Lack of productivity and lost revenue, right? Now, picture what would happen if your entire phone system went down for 10 to 15 minutes per day — every day. You’re tensing…Read More

Growing Company Benefits from Investment in Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure solved the problems for a company running out of storage space
Company growth is a good thing. But its impact on IT is unmistakable. For one medium-sized digital radiology company, running out of storage space in its offsite data center wasn’t a virtual problem—it was a very real one. The company was running out of physical space. Read on to see how a converged infrastructure solution…Read More

Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Solution Connects Buildings, Workers

The need for wireless Internet goes beyond coffee shops and bookstores. It’s a business necessity. And for a manufacturer in the auto parts industry with multiple buildings on one campus, it was important to have effective wireless inside each building and across the campus. “I learned they weren’t happy with their current provider,” explains MicroAge's…Read More

Government Contractor Turns to Vet-Owned MicroAge for Cisco DPAS Order

Government contractor earns high rating after engaging MicroAge as IT provider for DPAS-rated order. Government contractors deal with sensitive data—top-secret information that requires high-level security clearances. As a veteran-owned business, MicroAge understands this. “When we work with government contractors, we don’t have the advantage of knowing much about the end users,” explains MicroAge’s Michael Zitar.…Read More

Taking the Gamble Out of Support Contracts for a Vegas Casino Operator

For today’s business-critical applications and communications, business continuity is crucial. Downtime due to network security threats or any other issues can have dire consequences.  This is particularly true in the high-stakes hospitality and casino industry where a single breach can result in millions of dollars in fines—and the loss of loyal customers who expect the…Read More

Taking the Gamble Out of Network Security Threats for a Casino Operator

For any business, network security threats can have dire consequences. But for the high-stakes hospitality and casino industry, a single breach can result in millions of dollars in fines and the loss of loyal customers who expect the utmost in privacy and discretion.  So gambling with securing their customers’ personal information—information that casino operators have…Read More