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Cutting Costs and Upping Performance with Hybrid Cloud

Image depicting hybrid cloud
When you outgrow your house and want to expand, you need a solid foundation to build on. But what if yours isn’t up to the challenge? That’s the problem a medium-sized SaaS company specializing in credentialing services faced last year. Read on to see how a hybrid cloud solution provided that foundation—with increased performance and…Read More

HCI Versus Traditional Infrastructure: Buy Against Build

In today's highly competitive, fast-paced business environment, traditional hardware-centric infrastructure no longer cuts it. Its siloed architecture limits visibility across various departments, keeps teams divided and slows provisioning and collaboration. Since it lacks the speed and flexibility to keep up with ever-changing user needs and business demands, businesses that still use them are getting left…Read More

HCI Comparison Series: VMware vSAN vs. Cisco HyperFlex

VMware vSAN vs Cisco HyperFlex HCI
With what seems to be constant updates and new offerings in the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure space, I spend a good amount of time trying to keep up to date and comparing the leaders in the marketplace. In this part of the HCI Comparison Series, I’ll be diving into VMware vSAN and how it stacks up against…Read More

Hyper-Converged Infrastructure: Is it Just Hype?

HCI Hype
Even if you aren’t an early adopter or adamant tech follower, it’s likely you’ve heard about hyper-converged infrastructure, or HCI for short (If you need a little refresher just check this post out). As I engage with more of our clients around HCI, I get asked a lot about the benefits of implementing hyper-converged and…Read More

Benefits of a Software-Defined Data Center: Agility, Security, Economy

Benefits of a Software-Defined Data Center include agility, security and economy
When it’s time to make improvements to your organization’s IT infrastructure, there’s a lot to consider — your IT strategy, your current environment and hardware, your budget and your team, for starters. The IT leadership at one large credit union in the Southwest understood the importance of evolving their technology while maintaining the utmost security…Read More

The Pros of Hyper Converged Infrastructure

Hyper Converged Infrastructure
The hyper converged infrastructure market is the fastest growing infrastructure segment with a 59% CAGR. We are seeing hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) branching out from the traditional use cases of VDI, streaming media, and test/dev to support hybrid IT, large VDI projects, ROBO, and LOB applications. Why is hyper converged infrastructure so appealing? Hyper converged…Read More

VSAN: A Different Way of Looking at Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

VMware vSAN sizing
I've seen too many small businesses tie themselves in knots by over-committing on capex for more computing power and storage than they need. Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) offerings were supposed to simplify the lives of IT decision-makers by collapsing the implementation process, but it's also meant less freedom to choose the amount of infrastructure you need.…Read More