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High Availability Radio Communications Keep First Responders Rolling

High Availability Radio Communications for First Responders
Staying online and in communication is important to every organization, but it can be a matter of life and death for fire and rescue services. Read on to learn how MicroAge recently supported a private American fire department with high availability radio communications when they’re needed most. A west coast leader in private fire protection…Read More

Mobile Cloud Wi-Fi Keeps Bus Passengers Connected on the Open Road

Long road trips can be monotonous, but not for groups touring America on one ground transportation company’s luxury buses—they’re able to stream movies, check Facebook and read email thanks to a mobile cloud Wi-Fi solution MicroAge integrated. Wanting to offer free Wi-Fi to customers as a basic service, a Southwest-based ground transportation company was also…Read More

Automatic Wireless Failover Solution Keeps Retailer Selling

When good wired connections go bad, CradlePoint 3G/4G failover saves the day. Like many in the industry, this apparel manufacturer, distributor and retailer employs thousands of people and operates hundreds of stores worldwide, as well as the largest sewing facility in North America. Clearly, uninterrupted communication is integral to effective operations, and as the CIO…Read More

Riverbed WAN Optimization Speeds Up Large File Access

Supporting the nation’s major telecommunications carriers is a major undertaking. Working from its headquarters and eight remote sites, this client specializes in cell tower design, architecture and construction across the United States. In the field, its architects rely on the transfer, download and use of data files to complete their projects. But the files are…Read More

Consolidated Security Platform Firewall Eases Network Threats

Learning is a process that never ends. For this client providing educational support programs and materials to teachers and students across the educational spectrum, it certainly proved true in terms of its IT infrastructure. With hundreds of employees and approximately 300 servers, the client needed to secure its network and operations with a robust series…Read More

Cleared for Takeoff: Aviation Services Operation Gets Failover Wireless LAN

At any given time, hundreds of private aircraft are in the air. From takeoff to landing, pilots and planes rely on fixed-base operations, or FBOs, to ensure aircraft is properly stored and maintained. Serving non-airline owners/operators, FBOs offer maintenance and management of private aircraft and must provide secure electronic communication for filing flight plans, assessing…Read More

Critical Load Balancing Management Solution for E-Commerce Website

A young entrepreneur who had begun his business in his mid-teens contacted me with an urgent need: Help him find a load balancing management system that would keep his e-commerce hosting business from crashing on high-traffic days. The e-commerce hosting business, which started a decade earlier in the founder’s garage, hosts hundreds of e-commerce sites.…Read More