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Cloud Backup/Recovery with Military-Grade Encryption in Dual OS Setting

Finding the right cloud backup and recovery solution is easy with the right IT partner. The cloud, as you’ve likely been told, is the future. But unlike the way marketing makes it sound, there is no one-size-fits-all cloud solution. That’s why it’s important to understand what cloud solutions fit best with your particular situation. For…Read More

Emergency Response: Medical-Grade LCD Monitors Needed Stat

With 14 affiliate hospitals located in the southern United States, this health care enterprise enjoys a stellar reputation in patient care. Quality and compassion are its hallmarks and it always seeks new avenues to deliver both. One such avenue was in medical-grade LCD monitors and it’s where MicroAge’s Kevin Kotecki resolved an urgent need. Medical-grade…Read More

Video Surveillance Solution Puts a Stop to School Bullying

Stopping a bully no longer means having a fist fight after school and moving on. Today, bullying undermines victims with relentless cruelty that often leads to tragic consequences…but not if Kevin Kotecki can help it. When he got the call from a school that needed a solution to stop severe bullying, he acted. “The harassment…Read More

Affordable Custom DR Solution for a Small Business

For an 85-user metal products manufacturer, when an old server went down, it became clear they needed a disaster recovery plan and a storage system. The company’s network administrator called MicroAge's Kevin Kotecki. “They were using antiquated white box servers that they had built about 15 years ago, and nothing was backing up,” he explains.…Read More