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Powering Up a Rural Utility’s Network Security and DR

Utility Network Security photo
A rise in security breaches is causing IT managers in various industries to take note and examine the systems they have in place to prevent and remediate attacks. The IT team at a power company that maintains more than 12,000 miles of lines in the rural Midwest recognized that their industry was vulnerable; they knew…Read More

Surviving Ransomware: How MicroAge Got Client Back in Business

Surviving Ransomware
Being faced with a vicious attack on your network, and the uncertainty of even surviving ransomware, is every IT director's worst nightmare. At one 2,000-employee equipment manufacturer, no one saw it coming. Related: [Blog] 7 Best Practices to Protect Against Ransomware. On a Saturday, a ransomware virus appeared on all of the company’s desktop and…Read More

Off-Grid Solar Power Solution Enables Necessary Communication

One-lane road in Alaska wilderness needed off-grid solar power solution
A desolate 50-mile road leads to a gold mine in a remote part of Alaska. This road is critical for mining operations — bringing supplies (including dynamite) to and from the mine. One factor makes this road a potentially dangerous drive: It’s a one-lane road; traffic can go only one direction at a time. To…Read More

Unitrends Backup and Recovery Solutions Keep Businesses Running

Unitrends backup recovery solutions
Realizing that you don’t have a data backup or disaster recovery (DR) solution is stressful. But so is the thought of researching solutions — and finding money in the budget. MicroAge’s Hunter Boyd recently counseled two clients with similar DR and data backup needs. The first, a power company, wanted to make sure they could…Read More

Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Solution Connects Buildings, Workers

The need for wireless Internet goes beyond coffee shops and bookstores. It’s a business necessity. And for a manufacturer in the auto parts industry with multiple buildings on one campus, it was important to have effective wireless inside each building and across the campus. “I learned they weren’t happy with their current provider,” explains MicroAge's…Read More

MicroAge Does Heavy Lifting on HP PC Refresh

Technology can become outdated quickly. And as an IT leader, you know the importance of regularly updating your company’s equipment. For the IT director for North America of a large global heavy equipment manufacturer, a PC refresh meant it was time to call MicroAge’s Dave Haller. “He contacted me because their lease was coming due.…Read More

NetApp and Syncsort Provide Intelligent Big Data Management

When a business has more intelligence and data, it can make better decisions. And that’s a good thing. But if acquiring that business intelligence requires manual work on the part of your IT team, Big Data management can become a Big Problem. For a 2,000-user manufacturing group, enterprise resource planning (ERP) was the answer—integrating various…Read More

Sophos UTM, Next-Gen Firewall Appliance Consolidates Network Security

Rapid growth in a company can be exciting. But it can also lead to a number of challenges, such as a lack of business processes and neglecting key IT functions like security. That’s what the CFO and director of IT of a mid-sized lighting company was up against when he called MicroAge’s Christopher Reinhard. “There…Read More

IT Infrastructure Overhaul Strengthens Manufacturer for Future Growth

Exponential growth is something many executives dream of when starting a company, but few are prepared for the challenges that arise when it happens, as one nutrition product manufacturer experienced after growing from 20 employees to 300, resulting in the need for an immediate IT infrastructure overhaul. Unable to accommodate so many users, the company’s…Read More

Production Floor Build-Out: MicroAge Rescues IT Manufacturer in Crisis

It’s an IT manufacturer’s worst nightmare. After outsourcing a product build, company leaders couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Flaws in the product, delays, incomplete boxes shipping out. “This supplier was putting the company at serious risk,” explains MicroAge's Chris Robinette. “They were burning their own brand with this defective product. So, they decided to…Read More