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Cutting Costs and Upping Performance with Hybrid Cloud

Image depicting hybrid cloud
When you outgrow your house and want to expand, you need a solid foundation to build on. But what if yours isn’t up to the challenge? That’s the problem a medium-sized SaaS company specializing in credentialing services faced last year. Read on to see how a hybrid cloud solution provided that foundation—with increased performance and…Read More

MicroAge Rescues EMS Company with IT Managed Services

Business growth is exciting—after all, it indicates success. But there’s a downside, too: the IT challenges that come from trying to keep pace. Read on to see how MicroAge recently helped a company get a handle on things with IT managed services. For a growing private ambulance company on the West Coast, the business strategy…Read More

Cumulus Linux Helps Growing Company Move to Open Networking Model

Open Networking
Growing pains are part of any successful business. For a 250-user marketing data company based in the western U.S., rapid growth translated into a significant problem — running out of space for all of that data. As the company prepared to move into a new office, the IT team had an opportunity to build a…Read More

The Evolution of Data Center Switching

Evolution of Data Center Switching
The data center has experienced rapid growth in technological innovation; from simple virtualization to a true software-defined data center. With this change, there has been an evolution of the network infrastructure that allows all of the pieces to communicate. We are seeing a change from the traditional three-tier architecture to a spine-and-leaf topology. Below I've…Read More

VMware NSX: The 3rd Pillar in the SDDC

VMware NSX
The software defined data center, or SDDC, approach to building next generation data centers has numerous advantages over traditional hardware-centric data center designs. It is a proven approach that has been used by behemoths like Amazon and Google to dramatically change the way organizations consume IT services.  The SDDC approach enables: Software Defined Agility –…Read More

Growing Company Benefits from Investment in Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure solved the problems for a company running out of storage space
Company growth is a good thing. But its impact on IT is unmistakable. For one medium-sized digital radiology company, running out of storage space in its offsite data center wasn’t a virtual problem—it was a very real one. The company was running out of physical space. Read on to see how a converged infrastructure solution…Read More

Building an Always-Up Tech Infrastructure for Arctic Circle Hospital

In some ways, it’s a problem you’d love to have: a large budget and the ability to start from scratch on your IT for a brand-new building. Design your own data center, buy new equipment, don’t skimp. For some IT directors, it’s a dream project, but the thought of dealing with all those vendors is…Read More

Network Upgrade Leads to Double the Bandwidth at Half the Cost

Office moves can be a headache—a migraine, really—for IT staff. But for a West Coast payment processing firm with more than 75 employees, an office move presented an opportunity for a network upgrade and new wireless solution for the company. And here’s perhaps the best part: Working with MicroAge, the IT manager came out a…Read More

Point-to-Multipoint Wireless Solution Connects Buildings, Workers

The need for wireless Internet goes beyond coffee shops and bookstores. It’s a business necessity. And for a manufacturer in the auto parts industry with multiple buildings on one campus, it was important to have effective wireless inside each building and across the campus. “I learned they weren’t happy with their current provider,” explains MicroAge's…Read More

Government Contractor Turns to Vet-Owned MicroAge for Cisco DPAS Order

Government contractor earns high rating after engaging MicroAge as IT provider for DPAS-rated order. Government contractors deal with sensitive data—top-secret information that requires high-level security clearances. As a veteran-owned business, MicroAge understands this. “When we work with government contractors, we don’t have the advantage of knowing much about the end users,” explains MicroAge’s Michael Zitar.…Read More