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MicroAge Ransomware Attack Recovery Services Get Client Back in Business

Ransomware attack recovery services helped get car parts provider back in business
Ransomware attacks resulted in over $8 billion in damages in 2018—these attacks are becoming more common every year. Read on and learn how MicroAge Services recently supported a leading aftermarket car parts provider with ransomware attack recovery services and helped them prepare for the future after being hit with a crypto virus. The east coast-based…Read More

Everything You Need to Know About SMiShing

What is SMiShing? It may sound funny, but the latest cyber-scamming strategy can quickly wreak serious havoc on your organization. In fact, some of the largest global enterprises are already losing millions to these scams each year. What is SMiShing? According to the Federal Communications Commission, SMiShing is a mix of SMS—short message service—and phishing.…Read More

The 3 Security Assessments Every Organization Should Consider

Spotlight on Security Assessments
When an organization fears or experiences a security threat, most go directly to the Penetration Test.  This assessment has the most logical name, and can be an appropriate test to run, but is it the best first step? In this post I want to highlight the three security assessments that I most often recommend and…Read More