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5 Reasons Single Sign-On is On the Rise

5 benefits of Single Sign-On
Single sign-on (SSO) authentication isn’t new, but it’s only recently gaining momentum as the best practice for organizations across small-to-medium businesses and the enterprise. And that’s no surprise when you’re looking at the increasingly advanced and overwhelmingly present security threats. More intelligent phishing attempts are increasing, ransomware strategies are evolving and newer threats like crypto-jacking,…Read More

Rick Trujillo Answers 4 Common Cloud Questions

Rick Trijullio MicroAge
Still looking for answers on to common cloud questions? You aren’t alone. According to Gartner, the cloud technologies and services market is expected to accelerate in growth over 17% this year—that’s jump of $206B.  Whether you are evaluating the public cloud, private cloud, or a hybrid approach, there are many factors and challenges to navigate…Read More

3 Reasons to Build Your IT Security Strategy

Having an IT security strategy is more important than ever with ransomware attacks increasing by 12% last year and costing businesses more than $8 billion. And according to Comparitech, downtime resulting from ransomware costs most organizations upwards of $64,000. Spear phishing messages connected to ransomware now have a 6x higher engagement rate than marketing emails…Read More

Everything You Need to Know About SMiShing

What is SMiShing? It may sound funny, but the latest cyber-scamming strategy can quickly wreak serious havoc on your organization. In fact, some of the largest global enterprises are already losing millions to these scams each year. What is SMiShing? According to the Federal Communications Commission, SMiShing is a mix of SMS—short message service—and phishing.…Read More

These 3 Tactics Can Arm Your Employees Against Spear Phishing

According to the FBI’s 2017 Internet Crime Report, business email compromises caused more than $5 billion in losses since 2013, and reached $675 million in 2017. Many of these attacks are known as spear phishing—electronic communications scams targeting a specific individual, organization or business in hopes of gaining access to their connections or credentials. 80…Read More

Improving IoT Security: 4 Ways to Slam the Door on Hackers

As I was reading a recent Sophos blog on improving IoT security, I had a flashback to my childhood. Growing up, my parents got after me for leaving doors open (“In or out!”, “You’re letting all the warm/cool air out!” and “You’re letting bugs in!” were popular in my house). Your company leaders probably don’t…Read More

5 Questions to Ask Before Deciding on a Machine Learning Solution

Machine Learning - 5 Questions to Ask
The security buzzwords for 2017 and 2018 have been machine learning, deep learning and artificial intelligence. This new technology boasts learning systems with impressive results in marketing fluff, but not all machine learning is created equally. Algorithms are the decision-making formulas that allow the application to identify known threats and make informed guesses on unknown…Read More

Trend Micro Acquires Immunio

Trend Micro Acquires Immunio
Applications are created with the best intentions; creating the right balance of features, usability, and security can be difficult. Often times, vulnerabilities exist in the libraries used within the code and are not immediately visible to the developers. With Trend Micro’s recent acquisition of Immunio they are taking steps to protect applications from within the…Read More

Powering Up a Rural Utility’s Network Security and DR

Utility Network Security photo
A rise in security breaches is causing IT managers in various industries to take note and examine the systems they have in place to prevent and remediate attacks. The IT team at a power company that maintains more than 12,000 miles of lines in the rural Midwest recognized that their industry was vulnerable; they knew…Read More