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MicroAge Rescues EMS Company with IT Managed Services

Business growth is exciting—after all, it indicates success. But there’s a downside, too: the IT challenges that come from trying keep pace. Read on to see how MicroAge recently helped a company get a handle on things with IT managed services. For a growing private ambulance company on the West Coast, the business strategy of…Read More

E-commerce Firm Starts Fresh with ITaaS Strategy

ITaaS solution story graphic
A change in business strategy often necessitates a change in IT strategy. For a 50-employee Midwestern company shifting from an advocacy platform to an e-commerce model, a forthcoming office move created an opportunity to start fresh and build an IT as a service (ITaaS) strategy that made sense for the new business model. Reaching out…Read More

IBM Software License Renewal Analysis Saves Money for Database Firm

The world runs on data. For some companies, it’s just part of doing business. For others, it’s their product. For a company that developed a popular software platform, data is everything. Upwards of 200 TB of data course through the company’s 200-plus servers across three data centers. Also critical is the company’s databases—and therefore, the…Read More