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Telecom Solutions to Help Transform Your Business

MicroAge Telecom Practice
The MicroAge Telecom Practice has provided 'value adds' around telecom to hundreds of our clients. The problem is that the term 'telecom' and the products and offerings within the telecom space are so broad it’s sometimes hard to understand how MicroAge can best provide value to your organization. To simplify things, here are the top 5 most…Read More

UCaaS: Unified Communications as a Service

When I started educating clients on the benefits of UCaaS (unified communications as a service) many years ago, their biggest apprehension was that it was a cloud based offering. At that point in time, cloud technologies were not being embraced fully because there were so many unknowns. Today the cloud is part of our daily…Read More

MicroAge Helps San Diego Padres Move to Cloud-Based Communications

San Diego Padres moved to cloud-based communications
Preparing to host an All-Star weekend is a lot more than just counting ballots. A number of mechanisms, processes, and communication are needed to provide a great fan experience. In preparation for the 2016 season and the July 12 All-Star game, the San Diego Padres organization knew it needed to update its communications system and…Read More

Cisco Collaboration Platform Delivers Confidence and Cost Savings

Cisco Collaboration Platform
For some organizations, the phones have to ring for the business to thrive. What happens when your phones go down for a few minutes? Lack of productivity and lost revenue, right? Now, picture what would happen if your entire phone system went down for 10 to 15 minutes per day — every day. You’re tensing…Read More

Building an Always-Up Tech Infrastructure for Arctic Circle Hospital

In some ways, it’s a problem you’d love to have: a large budget and the ability to start from scratch on your IT for a brand-new building. Design your own data center, buy new equipment, don’t skimp. For some IT directors, it’s a dream project, but the thought of dealing with all those vendors is…Read More

Network Upgrade Leads to Double the Bandwidth at Half the Cost

Office moves can be a headache—a migraine, really—for IT staff. But for a West Coast payment processing firm with more than 75 employees, an office move presented an opportunity for a network upgrade and new wireless solution for the company. And here’s perhaps the best part: Working with MicroAge, the IT manager came out a…Read More

Firm Dials Into the Benefits of a ShoreTel Hosted Phone System

If employees worked at their desks all day long—never going to meetings or leaving the office—you would have certain expectations for your phone system. But when you consider the way your employees actually work and use their office phones, your criteria change. For a 150-user architecture and engineering firm, it was time to retire a…Read More

From 6 to 100 MB: How to Speed Up Internet in a Remote Location

It’s possible with a MicroAge Telecom Analysis. Slow Internet can be frustrating, yes. But it can also be bad for business. Meeting with the IT manager of a 300-employee casino in a remote location, MicroAge’s Amber Tuckwiller and Phil Tuckwiller heard him say something that made them do a double take. “He said the casino…Read More

Automatic Wireless Failover Solution Keeps Retailer Selling

When good wired connections go bad, CradlePoint 3G/4G failover saves the day. Like many in the industry, this apparel manufacturer, distributor and retailer employs thousands of people and operates hundreds of stores worldwide, as well as the largest sewing facility in North America. Clearly, uninterrupted communication is integral to effective operations, and as the CIO…Read More

Switch Hit: Arista Networks VoIP Switches Save the Day

Sometimes even dire challenges have happy endings. For the IT manager of a large insurance company, this point was made as MicroAge recently turned a potential disaster involving VoIP switches into a win-win position. Opening a co-location data center, the company was scheduled to implement all elements in a specific time frame. Shipping both product…Read More