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Cumulus Linux Helps Growing Company Move to Open Networking Model

Open Networking
Growing pains are part of any successful business. For a 250-user marketing data company based in the western U.S., rapid growth translated into a significant problem — running out of space for all of that data. As the company prepared to move into a new office, the IT team had an opportunity to build a…Read More

When Power Fails, Tripp Lite Protects with UPS Power Backup

When you manage IT for a retail operation, you need to be ready for new store openings. After all, there are a lot of IT needs ranging from power supplies to point-of-sale technology and more. For the IT director of a midsize convenience store chain, preparing to open a new fuel station meant turning to…Read More

Health Care Agency’s Ailing Data Center Finds New Life

Ensuring Optimal Data Center Health In any health care setting, the retrieval, storage and security of patient records is mission-critical. When that is multiplied in terms of a governmental agency serving an entire population, reliable and secure data storage is central to effective operations. For this Native American tribe’s existing data center, which housed numerous…Read More