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VMware Software-Defined Data Center is Strategic Move for Tribe

Software-Defined Data Center
There’s virtualization. And then, there’s virtualization. When MicroAge’s Shawn Anderson and Michael Zitar worked with a Native American tribe in the Southwest recently to help virtualize the tribe’s network, the tribe recognized that MicroAge could continue to be a valuable resource for the long term. “As their project expanded, we were clearly the best fit…Read More

VMware Named MicroAge Outstanding Partner

MicroAge has presented VMware with an Outstanding Partner award for 2016. The honor was presented at MicroAge’s annual awards dinner held at the Arizona Biltmore, on Saturday, February 11, 2017. Perry Peterson, MicroAge’s director of practice management, presented the award, which is given annually to supplier partners that demonstrate exceptional commitment to working with MicroAge…Read More

VMware VSAN Licensing Guide

VSAN Licensing
VMware VSAN is the industry-leading software based hyper-converged infrastructure solution and is a core building block of the Software-Defined Data Center. VSAN, for those who are unfamiliar, enables organization to leverage x86 hardware to create a highly resilient and elastic pool of storage with the ability to pick and choose the storage devices that meet…Read More

VMware NSX: The 3rd Pillar in the SDDC

VMware NSX
The software defined data center, or SDDC, approach to building next generation data centers has numerous advantages over traditional hardware-centric data center designs. It is a proven approach that has been used by behemoths like Amazon and Google to dramatically change the way organizations consume IT services.  The SDDC approach enables: Software Defined Agility –…Read More

VMware Cloud on AWS – Making Hybrid IT More Obtainable

VMware Cloud on AWS
As of October 13, 2016, VMware and AWS announced a joint partnership that will allow vSphere users to run workloads in AWS’s cloud without having to re-architect or rewrite the underlying applications.  “VMware Cloud on AWS” will allow VMware customers to use their existing VMware software and tools to leverage AWS’s global footprint and numerous…Read More

Getting Started with VDI

VDI Deployment
VDI is a powerful tool that allows IT to deliver the functionality of a traditional PC to any device. anywhere, as long as an internet connection is available.  It not only simplifies the management and delivery of end-users applications and desktops, but allows you to take your security to the next level by isolating security…Read More

VSAN: A Different Way of Looking at Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

VMware vSAN sizing
I've seen too many small businesses tie themselves in knots by over-committing on capex for more computing power and storage than they need. Hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) offerings were supposed to simplify the lives of IT decision-makers by collapsing the implementation process, but it's also meant less freedom to choose the amount of infrastructure you need.…Read More

Growing Company Benefits from Investment in Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure solved the problems for a company running out of storage space
Company growth is a good thing. But its impact on IT is unmistakable. For one medium-sized digital radiology company, running out of storage space in its offsite data center wasn’t a virtual problem—it was a very real one. The company was running out of physical space. Read on to see how a converged infrastructure solution…Read More

vCloud Air DRaaS: Enterprise-Ready Disaster Recovery on a Budget

If your data center goes down and you don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place, you’re facing a serious crisis. For the IT department manager of a community nonprofit in the Midwest, that crisis would’ve had a ripple effect—as his data center operated as a central hub. Plus, as a one-man IT department, he…Read More

Tackling Overdue Data Center Refresh in Three Steps with Dell, VMware

With the uncertain economy of the past few years many companies have put IT investment on hold. Before you know it, years have passed since your last scheduled data center refresh. Now you have no choice but to upgrade... but where do you begin? Sound familiar? This was the reality facing the IT team for…Read More