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Even with all the other data protection solutions available on the market, there’s still good reason for a business to consider investing in the Dell EMC Data Protection Suite. Deciphering the Dell EMC Data Protection portfolio — and the suites that they offer—can be reduced to a single premise: Dell EMC offers software bundles for any size business need and data protection suites to match.

There are numberless data protection methods that are quickly changing and evolving in IT because of big data growth, compliance, and very stringent service-level agreement standards, as well as sporadic backup windows and elastic demand times to get data back up and running. With all of the variables and challenges in today’s IT environment, many IT departments struggle to put together solutions to tackle all the issues that they are running into. Merging several solutions into one isn’t always a bad strategy, but it does lend itself to management sprawl.

IT departments that use several data protection solutions are forced to deal with the constant renewals, updates, and patches that are needed to keep a multilateral solution up and running. In addition, using four or five different software programs in your environment — software that is only there to work with one or two key applications or pieces— can become a management burden.

With the difficulty of a multi-software data protection solution in mind, Dell EMC designed several suites of its Data Protection offering so you don’t have to waste resources on working around incompatibility to create a secure data protection solution for your business.

Dell EMC Data Protection Suite: A Simpler Solution

Dell EMC offers an entire family of suites that work together to implement data protection, regardless of your IT demands or the dynamics of your business. All the software suites were designed to bring in business cases and business issues and solve them with one or two quick steps. This is evident in the Dell EMC Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition, the turnkey solution for even the most demanding IT environments.

But there are also suites designed for organizations that don’t require all of the advanced Enterprise features. For example, if an organization has a heavily virtualized environment, there is the Dell EMC Data Protection Suite for VMware, which provides complete end-to-end data protection for VMware-based environments including the following:

  • Continuous replication
  • Backup recovery
  • Search capabilities
  • Monitoring and analysis

Dell EMC Data Protection Suite Search Capabilities

The search capabilities Dell EMC provides in its data protection suites are worth highlighting. As you start to leverage archiving and long-term retention in your database, Dell EMC Data Protection Suite not only allows you to search for data faster but eDiscovery helps with copy-data management.

During a search, eDiscovery indexes not only every data file you are after but all the copies, too. This copy-data management allows you to save physical storage space as well as reclaim productivity that you might be losing because of data sprawl. So, in addition to being an efficient search tool, Dell EMC has search capabilities that also serve as a means of minimizing superfluous and duplicate data.


Dell EMC Data Protection Suite Cloud Use and Incorporation

Dell EMC has also enabled the majority of its data protection suites to incorporate and include cloud use, particularly the Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition and the Data Protection Suite for Backup.

Dell EMC’s cloud compatibility gives you the flexibility and agility to help reduce your costs by securing long-term backup retention through a private cloud or using Dell EMC’s Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS). While these solutions are compatible with in-house servers and data backup software, they can also work in conjunction with cloud storage systems.

But more importantly, Dell EMC has the ability to work with both in-house and cloud systems simultaneously, which gives you the flexibility to design and operate your data protection solution in the fashion that best fits your needs.


Key Components of Dell EMC Data Protection Suite

The performance of the IT environment created by Dell EMC Data Protection Suite is important to note. Overall, it can help to reduce data overhead, which allows your organization to be more agile, and Dell EMC Data Protection Suite has a flavor for just about every environment.

In most, if not all, cases, Dell EMC will help alleviate the difficulties that software or solution sprawl experts in the IT industry are currently experiencing. Pair Data Protection Suite with the Dell EMC Data Domain hardware appliance and help your data management by virtually eliminating software and solution sprawl.

Whether you are heavily invested in the cloud or on-premise solutions, Dell EMC Data Protection Suite solutions offer you the flexibility you need to choose the best option for ensuring your business’s data protection.

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