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VMware VSAN is the industry-leading software-based hyper-converged infrastructure solution and is a core building block of the Software-Defined Data Center.

VSAN enables organizations to leverage x86 hardware to create a highly resilient and elastic pool of storage with the ability to pick and choose the storage devices that meet the performance and capacity needs of your organization. I

VSAN is the hyper-converged solution that gives you choice and allows you to avoid vendor lock-in. VSAN delivers:

Radically Simple Storage

Deploy VSAN easily through the vSphere web client and automate management using policy-based storage management.

Elasitic Scalability

Scale out or up performance and capacity just by adding a new host to the cluster or additional drives to existing hosts.

High Performance

VSAN is embedded in the hypervisor and does not need a virtual appliance to handle storage operations. VSAN can deliver millions of IOPS with predictably low latencies

20-50% Lower TCO

Increase flash capacity utilization with deduplication, compression, and erasure coding.

So how do you license it?

Select Your Suite

With VSAN 6.5, VMware has moved away from the hybrid and all-flash licensing model and has pivoted to a feature-based licensing model.  Comprised of your traditional Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise licensing model, any suite now supports an all-flash array that delivers phenomenal performance at up to half the cost of your traditional arrays.

Below is a brief breakdown of the suites:

VDI or Server Infrastructure

VSAN is truly an enterprise-class storage solution and is well suited to support an array of different applications and use cases. VMware offers two consumption models for VSAN:


Just like vSphere, you simply license out the appropriate number of physical processors of the hosts that will be contributing to and/or accessing the VSAN datastore. It’s important to note that hosts who are not allocated VSAN licensing will be unable to access the datastore.

Included with Horizon Advanced and Enterprise

Storage has been the biggest roadblock in organizations moving to VDI.  It’s expensive, hard to justify the cost, and if it’s not sized correctly users will experience suboptimal performance.

VMware fixes this with VSAN now being included with their industry-leading end-user computing solution, Horizon 7. Simply license out your desired number of concurrent or named users and you’re ready to go.

PLEASE NOTE: Horizon 7 licensing provides access to VSAN, vSphere Enterprise Plus, and vCenter. This licensing is only intended to support standalone VDI environments.

It’s that easy. VSAN is a critical pillar of the SDDC and now with 7,000 active clients it’s hard to ignore the benefits it brings to an organization.


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