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David Mejak MicroAgeEvery quarter, MicroAge recognizes an associate for their commitment to supporting our clients and team members and for living our values every day.

Meet one of our cloud engineers, David Mejak, MicroAge Associate of the Quarter for Q2 2021. David joined MicroAge as part of the Semaphore Co acquisition last year. Within his first few weeks at MicroAge, he was already making a visible impact, instantly becoming a Subject Matter Expert on Microsoft 365, Azure, and VDI (on-premise and on the cloud). In recent months, David has been instrumental in leading a large project to support a global business in migrating its on-premise datacenters to Azure and its significant Exchange On-Premises to Office 365. David’s expertise and team-player approach have empowered MicroAge to continue advancing our services with fast-evolving client needs.

David is the first associate to be hailed with the formal recognition so early in their MicroAge tenure with a standout level of passion for problem-solving and technology that cannot be trained or taught.

1. What brought you to MicroAge/why did you want to work here?

I’ve been with MicroAge for about a year. I came to MicroAge along with the rest of the Semaphore Co team last year. Originally, when I joined Semaphore, I was looking to relocate back to Atlanta and came across Kyle and his team. After getting to know more about what they do, I knew working at Semaphore would be a great opportunity to continue growing my skills with a supportive leader; Kyle is a pretty cool guy. Combining our team with MicroAge was just the icing on top.

2. Tell us about what you do every day in your role:

I am a cloud engineer on the MicroAge Services Team. I work on the architecture and deployment of cloud services for our clients while supporting ongoing, existing deployments. My primary focus is Microsoft cloud services like Azure and Office 365. In addition, when there is a client need, I also work on VMware strategies and implementations.

3. What do you love about working at MicroAge?

MicroAge is by far the best place I’ve worked at over my career, and that’s because of the people here. Everyone is very knowledgeable. It’s never a problem to find help with anything you need. Teams work together with everyone pitching in to get things done and done well.

4. We know every team member makes more possible. How are you making a difference?

I make sure I’m available at any time to help with questions and technologies that fall under my Subject Matter Expertise. I do my best to stay current on the latest technology services and solutions so we can pass those insights along to our clients.

5. Which of our MicroAge values resonate with you most and why? (Add value to everything we do  •  Respect our relationships  •  Act with integrity • Make things happen  •  Do it right the first time •  Have fun!)

Do it right the first time really speaks volumes to me. I believe in spending the most time possible on the planning and architecture phase of each project to ensure we have the absolute best available solution for our clients. The more effort we spend planning things out the better the outcome. And we only have to do it once!

6. What is your best MicroAge memory?

I moved across the country and started at MicroAge right in the middle of COVID. That alone made for a memorable experience. All the small things we do at the Atlanta office make for great memories. Even though we haven’t been able to do a whole lot together, I enjoy the little things.

7. Who inspires you and why?

It’s hard to single out one person. I am inspired by almost anyone who teaches me new things; the ability to educate others is a powerful skill. I look up to many people with more experience than myself in various areas. It’s good to have multiple inspirational figures in your life, it really helps you to grow.

8. What do you enjoy doing most outside of the office?

I love to be outdoors whenever possible. I have two dogs who I take almost everywhere with me. Recently, I’ve also gotten back into mountain biking. When it’s time to put the bikes away, I get out the snowboard and take to the mountains.

9. What’s the best advice you’ve been given in your career?

Two snippets of advice come to mind: never be content and never be the smartest person in the room. If you are comfortable with your surroundings, you will never push yourself to learn or grow. If you constantly surround yourself with people who are more experienced or knowledgeable, the odds are that some of it will rub off.

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