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Gary McGuinness MicroAgeEvery quarter, MicroAge recognizes an associate for their commitment to supporting our clients and team members and for living and working our values every day.

Meet one of our Account Executives, Gary McGuinness, MicroAge Associate of the Quarter for Q3 2021. Gary joined MicroAge over seven years ago bringing a creative approach to building lasting business relationships and an entrepreneurial and seemingly unstoppable force to navigating a complicated landscape of sourcing venues to identify the perfect alignment for each client.

Recently, Gary helped one of his client’s parent companies in achieving the seemingly impossible HP endpoints not available new in the current marketplace. Finding a smart alternative, Gary resourcefully acquired recertified product through a major partner to help his client reach their goals even in the mix of the current market disruption.

Gary constantly embodies the MicroAge values, and never stops looking for more impactful solutions. Q3 of 2021 marks this recognition along with the arrival of his third child.

1. What brought you to MicroAge/why did you want to work here?

I was on a recruitment call talking with MicroAge Sales Director, Paul Walton. Paul knew me from a previous employer in the VAR space. He gave me the opportunity to see the business from a different perspective. Paul showed me that at MicroAge there was a lot more opportunity and better work-life balance, two big standout benefits.

2. Tell us about what you do every day in your role:

Working as an Account Executive is different for everyone—based on your style, your approach with business relationships, and your focus points. In my role, I wear many hats. I could probably write a novel about the work I do with partners and clients.

The best way to summarize it is that every day I work on finding solutions for our clients with both simple and complex needs. In technology, we need to constantly stay on top of industry changes and keep up with evolving and fast-emerging cybersecurity threats.  I’m dedicated to ensuring that at MicroAge we deliver to clients on or above their expectations. That’s important, and at MicroAge we’re all about getting it right the first time.

3. What do you love about working at MicroAge?

Back to my discussion with Paul, who had worked with me at a previous technology solutions and services provider, working at MicroAge is just different. At MicroAge, all team members are treated like family, not like a number, or human capital, or a statistic blinking on a leader board in a back office somewhere.

As MicroAge employees and technology sales account executives specifically, we are given a lot of freedom to make things happen for our clients without someone constantly looking over our shoulders.

There’s a healthy amount of autonomy and trust that’s a giant motivator here that helps us avoid burnout or general apathy about our work.

4. We know every team member makes more possible. How are you making a difference?

My clients are always my first priority. I am very accessible to every one of my customers.  I rarely ever take a true vacation day. When I do, I still find a way to make sure I actively stay on top of their requests and get them addressed without delay. I work and live a client-first approach. I move mountains for my clients to do the impossible.

I make sure I can help them keep their business operating regardless of the latest disruption or the current state of the world. My colleagues know I’m always accessible. I try to get them the best information or the help they need to be and remain successful.

Working in technology can be very intimidating because there are so many scenarios you come across that you have to figure out by trial and error.

There is no amount of training that can teach you everything, and you never stop learning.  But I have many years of experience and I can guide my teammates in how I approach any given situation. I believe in paying it forward.

When I first started out at MicroAge, I leaned on specific account execs to help me. Now it’s my turn to do the same for others who have those needs and can use extra support and reinforcement.

5. Which of our MicroAge values resonate with you most and why? (Add value to everything we do  •  Respect our relationships  •  Act with integrity • Make things happen  •  Do it right the first time •  Have fun!)

While they are all important, Adding value to everything we do is at the top of my list. If you’re constantly adding value in every area of your job, the other values tend to fall in place along with that.

6. What is your best MicroAge memory?

It’s been seven years, so there are many. But the one that stands out most is when I heard my name announced as a Circle of Excellence winner, (a company-funded trip awarded to associates based on performance and voting by peers).

The year before, our Technology VP, Larry Fulop looked straight at me, in the eyes, and said: “I expect to see you up there next year”. Larry believed in me, and he was right to do so. I’m looking forward to celebrating with him and other team members at the Circle of Excellence trip in Maui later this month.

7. Who inspires you and why?

My family inspires me—my wife and my kids. My wife is a dedicated stay-at-home Mom who is doing a phenomenal job of raising our kids. So, I have to stay extra motivated and inspired to make sure I can support her and all of them—we just welcomed our third child last quarter.

8. What do you enjoy doing most outside of the office?

Nothing beats going out with the Mrs. to a high-end steakhouse and enjoying a nice, plump, juicy steak, grilled to perfection.

9. What’s the best advice you’ve been given in your career?

Don’t get discouraged by all the no’s or the roadblocks. Keep moving and plugging away. One day it’s just going to click for you, and things will start moving. It’s great advice that I work and live by, every day.

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