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By Joshua Smith, Services Delivery Manager
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In today’s ever-changing world, it’s common to feel uncertain and siloed, like you’re up against the wall facing new and more complex challenges alone. During these times, having someone you can rely on to help you navigate through an intimidating and daunting landscape is more critical than ever.

Since the beginning of time, humans have worked together to tackle challenges big and small. This collective of like-minded resources working together for a common goal has been the pillar of civilizations and progress. An example of this is the Native people of Pueblo La Plata, now an archaeological site within the Agua Fria National Monument in Northern Arizona, where villagers had to work together in a rough desert terrain even to access basics like food and water. This community of hardworking individuals with various talents worked together to sustain life in an inhospitable landscape through a common focus and drive, which led to an outcome not possible without teamwork and collaboration.

Now, take this proven “village” concept of people/resources who share a common goal and apply it to your IT environment. With MicroAge’s ManageWise Service Offerings, you are no longer alone in facing obstacles and issues in an ever-changing IT landscape. You no longer need to be siloed and fighting uphill IT battles while under-resourced, understaffed, and with limited expertise. With cMicroAge as part of your village, our IT Experts can help you navigate any landscape and challenge with the right expertise at your disposal.

Balancing Day-to-Day IT Operations and Innovation

ManageWise provides clients with a flexible, affordable way to administer day-to-day IT support and routine maintenance. ManageWise is configured based on your specific environment, helping prevent unplanned downtime, optimizing system performance, and freeing time for your employees to focus on key business objectives and innovation. ManageWise helps relieve tension between IT and the business by striking a healthy balance of stability and agility, providing the resources to keep existing infrastructure strong while enabling business growth.


How ManageWise Works

ManageWise typically begins with a discovery phase where our experts learn about your specific business needs and how your environment is configured. Through this process, the environment is reviewed, and challenges, risks and potential improvements are identified. As the ManageWise service continues, the identified items are prioritized and addressed to make sure you are optimized and utilizing your hardware and software investments to their full capabilities. This allows a proactive approach to maintaining the health and efficiencies of your environment and enables experts to assist in helping architect and plan for your future.


ManageWise Service Offerings

ManageWise is customized to each business’s individual needs. Engagement options include:

Onsite. For teams that need in-person support, MicroAge experts set up on-site throughout the engagement to help monitor, maintain and optimize system performance, allowing your team to focus on more mission-critical activities and be responsive to internal stakeholders.

Remote Only. Today’s advanced technology means teams can meet online and systems can be monitored remotely so the day-to-day system administration is seamlessly handled with minimal internal resources required.

Hybrid. Some environments call for both onsite and remote support to blend the perfect mix of face time with internal staff and ongoing system support from remote locations.

Fixed Schedule. At times, your team may only need a fixed schedule with support for day-to-day administrative tasks so they can redirect their time and attention to more strategic initiatives.

ADHOC. A pre-purchased bucket of time offers a 3-day business SLA that is refillable at a fixed rate to allow business flexibility for an expert to assist when needed.

Time to maximize your IT investments?

Let’s talk

Throughout history, they’ve said, “It Takes a Village,” and the same holds true today. If you would like to learn more about how MicroAge can work with your team to capitalize on today’s leading technologies and maximize your IT investments, call the experts at 800-544-8877.

“As the MicroAge Services Delivery Manager, Josh is responsible for managing the Project Management Organization along with delivery services for ManageWise and all other services sold by MicroAge. Josh works closely with the client and pre- and post-sales teams on delivering second-to-none service engagements, putting MicroAge clients on a path to success.”

Joshua SmithServices Delivery Manager

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