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Veeam 9.5 Update 3: What Does it Mean for You

Veeam 9.5

With constant updates and revisions to software and firmware, should you upgrade now, or wait? With Veeam’s third update to version 9.5 there a few features that are lending themselves nicely to the management and inclusion of Veeam standalone agents.

One of the most important features in this release is the built-in agent management, which allows you to deploy and manage agents for Windows and Linux directly from the console, allowing for a single tool to manage your physical, cloud and virtual workloads. We’ve seen a lot of our clients leverage a mixed environment of virtual workloads as well as offloading to the cloud, which has been managed through the console in the past. Now with the inclusion of the physical agents and workloads, it takes a lot of complexity away from having to log into different consoles or manage different layers for your legacy applications.

Another enhancement in update three is the addition of Data Location Tagging. This can be especially useful if you’re subject to compliance and regulations, often needing to prove different aspects of your environment and processes. We have seen this a lot with cloud workloads, as healthcare, financial, government and educational institutions often are hesitant to move to a cloud environment because the data needs to constantly be monitored and governed by the regulations they are particularly responsible for. The use of Data Location Tagging will greatly improve data sovereignty and consolidation of audit trails.

As Veeam has often done with their releases, they have increased their integrations with existing storage solutions in the market. Users of IBM Storwize and/or Lenovo Storage V series can rejoice as storage snapshot integrations are now built into the platforms. Storage integrations have also been enhanced for users of HPE 3PAR (snapshot-only backup jobs), Dell EMC Data Domain (supports DD OS 6.1) and Cisco Hyperflex (supports multiple Hyperflex clusters).

Veeam has constantly been evolving and improving based on feedback from you, the users, and these improvements go to show that. In the ever-changing world of data availability, it is imperative to also be on the cutting edge and be able to quickly evolve as technology does; MicroAge and Veeam will help you do that. These are only a few of the features that have been updated so if you would like to know more than reach out and let’s talk!

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