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Cloud Transformation

Cloud Strategy & Readiness

From Confusion to Clarity: Your Path to Cloud Readiness

Our team of senior cloud architects starts with your desired business outcomes and conducts assessments to evaluate what applications, infrastructure, and services could benefit from the cloud. We create a clear and secure plan to help you get there confidently, including migrating any on-premise systems and applications to any major cloud providers… all with minimal disruption to everyday operations.

Successfully build your roadmap to the cloud.

What’s driving your journey to the cloud?

New Application Deployments

Whether it’s cloud-first, cloud only or a partial cloud strategy, understand which applications are best managed in the cloud based on your unique needs.

Simplifying the Supply Chain

Leverage the cloud to speed and simplify the supply chain on every level, including hardware challenges and in key business areas such as networking.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Use the cloud to ensure seamless operations for a smart, proactive business continuity and disaster recovery plan.

Backup & Archive

Gain resiliency with mission-critical data while optimizing access and storage with cloud solutions to help maintain business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities.

Need for Flexibility & Scalabilty

Scale up or down quickly with the flexibility the cloud offers as ‘pay-as-you-go’ models that give you all the control you need while handling the ever-changing business landscape.

Speed & Improve Collaboration

Bring your workforce, teams and plans together more easily and seamlessly to speed and improve collaboration across the business.

The Benefits of Moving to the Cloud with Our Expertise

Just starting your cloud journey or migrating from another cloud? We can help.

Discover agility and scalability with the cloud solutions and services perfect for your organization. Whether you’re on the cloud already or on the path there—we have you covered. Our team of senior cloud architects helps determine the right strategy based on your business requirements, then determine how and what to refactor, re-platform, and re-host.

Then, we architect your cloud strategy for high availability by helping you identify the right cloud services for each area of the business while understanding the total cost of ownership once you get there. It’s a transparent, risk-mitigated plan that proactively addresses challenges head-on with a full network detail, risk assessment report, network policy, asset detail, and 15+ additional rundowns so that you won’t be blindsided.

Our Cloud Strategy & Readiness Process

Conduct Cloud Assessment

Analyze workloads and create a tailored roadmap

Secure Cloud Design

Develop a detailed and secure migration plan

Implement & Optimize

Manage an efficient and secure migration plan

Right-Size Consumption & Licensing

Manage costs by monitoring cloud usage and eliminating extraneous licenses

Ensure Compliance & Governance

Reduce concerns regarding compliance and governance

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