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A Business’s Most Basic Need: A Reliable Communications System

The importance of a good communications system is vital for any organization, but if your business includes providing call center and support desk services, having a dependable, rock-solid phone system is paramount.

Cayuse Technologies, a fast-growing Small Business Administration Tribal 8(a) certified technology and government solutions provider, knows this all too well. The organization carries out mission-critical projects and services for major corporations and government agencies, encompassing logistics, operations, IT support and training—in addition to call center capabilities—for an impressive client list including the U.S. Departments of Homeland Security, Interior, and State, along with multiple branches of the U.S. military.

With clients and projects like these, it’s no wonder that when their legacy on-prem phone system began suffering frequent outages, they turned to MicroAge’s Daniel Archer for help identifying a more powerful, reliable solution.

Daniel and MicroAge have been Cayuse’s go-to IT provider for years, so after first trying to research telephony options themselves, Cayuse Director of IT Chris Leonard reached out to Daniel for help in replacing the legacy system.

I have been working with MicroAge for over 6 years now. My experience with MicroAge has been phenomenal! Daniel and team do what no other vendor has in my experience: they focus on understanding my business and how we maintain profitability and they do their best to offer solutions that meet our needs.

Chris LeonardCayuse Technologies Information Technology Director

Taking the Pain Out of Finding an Always Up UCaaS

“There are literally thousands of UCaaS and telephony providers out there,” says Daniel, “and attempting to research and vet them yourself is nothing less than daunting. That’s where we can help. MicroAge has an experienced UCaaS and communications team that is well versed and certified in current telephony trends and technology.”

Daniel immediately consulted with MicroAge Unified Communications Manager Rob Cook, a 16-year-plus industry veteran, for advice on the project.

“We know what’s out there, what works, and what doesn’t,” says Rob. “We can help take the pain out of what can be an excruciating, time-consuming process.”

Rob and Daniel met with Chris Leonard and the Cayuse team to understand what functionality they needed and how the current system was falling short.

“One of Cayuse’s most critical needs was for easy reporting. They must be able to provide their clients with analytics, dashboard views, and graphics on a regular and ad-hoc basis. While their old system had some reporting capabilities, it was difficult to use and produced raw data that the department heads spent hours manipulating to create the reports they needed.”

Call center recording was another pain point for Cayuse. All of their call center interactions are required to be recorded, saved, archived, and then easily accessed.

“It quickly became clear to me that they needed a fully equipped contact center solution to support the massive needs of their high-profile client base,” notes Rob.

The Recommendation: RingCentral Contact Center

After gaining an understanding of their business model, their services, clients, and projects, as well as the separate departments that deliver them, Rob did not hesitate to recommend RingCentral Contact Center.

“Their current phone system was prone to outages,” adds Daniel, “so getting uptime assurances was critical. With guaranteed five nines uptime, RingCentral Contact Center has that covered.”

Daniel and Rob proposed the RingCentral solution to Chris and the Cayuse IT team, who liked what they heard. The Cayuse team had been considering another provider, but quickly shifted their focus to RingCentral. Over the course of several weeks, the MicroAge, RingCentral, and Cayuse teams had dozens of conference calls to review and demo features to ensure it would meet all their needs.

“We also had several different calls with the department managers to demo features and answer their questions,” adds Rob.

My company has literally saved millions of dollars’ worth of IT services and equipment by using MicroAge for our needs. I recommend them to anyone in need of IT solutions.

Chris LeonardCayuse Technologies Information Technology Director

RingCentral Delivers on All Fronts

The RingCentral Contact Center solution impressed the entire Cayuse team, and they voted unanimously to go forward with it. Within a week of pulling the trigger, Cayuse received 10 licenses to begin piloting before rolling out the solution to all 330 users.

And then COVID hit.

Cayuse instituted a work-from-home policy—including all call center employees. The RingCentral solution was deployed without a hitch, and the timing turned out to be serendipitous.

“As a cloud-based system, it can be controlled and managed remotely,” says Rob. “The department managers use the features to measure agent performance, create scorecards, determine coaching needs, make schedules … the features are just about endless.”

“The RingCentral Contact Center solution has delivered on every promise,” Daniel notes. “They now have a robust, fully loaded and integrated telephony system that’s efficient, easy to use, and it’s always up. What more could you want? They’re delighted with RingCentral and with MicroAge for understanding their business and needs, and then recommending the perfect solution.”

Need an always up UCaaS solution? Let’s talk.

You don’t have to go it alone. Find out how the MicroAge UCaaS team can take the pain out of researching the best fit for your unique communications needs. Call us at 800-544-8877.

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