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Azure-based Automated Procurement Portal Simplifies Ordering Process

Automated Azure-based procurement portal
Automated procurement portal saves time and eliminates errors through Workday integration. Imagine this. You’re an IT help desk director for a large organization with hundreds of locations and thousands of employees, and every time anyone in the organization needs a new monitor, keyboard, laptop—any endpoint item—they send you the request. Bad enough, but when that’s…Read More

MicroAge Named Microsoft Top Growth CSP Partner of the Year

Award recognizes highest year-over-year growth as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider MicroAge, The Digital Transformation Experts®, is proud to announce that SYNNEX, a leading business process services company, has presented MicroAge with the 2019 Varnex Signature Award as Microsoft Top Growth CSP Partner. The award was announced at the SYNNEX Fall Varnex Conference on November…Read More

Rick Trujillo Answers 4 Common Cloud Questions

Rick Trijullio MicroAge
Still looking for answers on to common cloud questions? You aren’t alone. According to Gartner, the cloud technologies and services market is expected to accelerate in growth over 17% this year—that’s jump of $206B.  Whether you are evaluating the public cloud, private cloud, or a hybrid approach, there are many factors and challenges to navigate…Read More

VMware Cloud on AWS Connects Geographically Dispersed Business Units

Photo for VMware Cloud on AWS solution story
From scalability and continuity to reduced costs and flexibility, the cloud offers a range of benefits for an enterprise. Hosted applications also can be an effective solution for keeping multiple businesses connected. This was the case for a specialized venture capital group that needed the ability to host a finance application in the cloud to…Read More

How to Reduce Latency, Improve RPO, RTO Under Budget

Photo representing How to Reduce Latency
Figuring out how to reduce latency issues for a company with nearly 1,000 employees across nine offices in five countries is a challenge. Now, imagine doing it with just two IT staff. That’s what the new director of IT at an international retail company was tasked with. “The IT director was hired to fix the…Read More

MicroAge Receives VMware Top Cloud Sales Award

Recognized for 2019 Outstanding Cloud Sales Among Solution Provider West Region MicroAge is honored to have received the VMware Top Cloud Achievement Award for 2019 in the Solution Provider West region.  VMware representatives presented the award to MicroAge on March 29, 2019, in recognition of MicroAge’s outstanding cloud sales for VMware. “A great team achievement…Read More

Data Protection Tips When Moving to the Cloud

In recent years, more and more businesses are beginning to leverage enterprise cloud technology due to the multiple benefits it offers, especially in terms of profitability and efficiency. Reports from IDG Enterprise's 2016 Cloud Computing summary show that cloud technology is used by 70% of organizations in the U.S. - whether it be public, private,…Read More

Public Cloud Offerings vs. Private Internal Cloud

No matter the type of cloud being used, whether private, public or hybrid, nearly everyone agrees that cloud computing provides numerous benefits in terms of instant provisioning, virtualized resources, scalability and ability to rapidly expand the server base. The choice of public or private cloud depends largely on your business needs. Let's explore the different…Read More

Multicloud Management: Best Practices

Multicloud management
Since no single cloud vendor can provide the perfect solution for a particular business situation, the best way to maximize the benefits of a cloud environment for your organization is to work with several cloud providers and monitor all of them simultaneously. Statistics from the 2017 RightScale State of the Cloud Report show that 85 percent of…Read More

Multicloud Deployment as a Part of a Disaster Recovery Plan

Multicloud Deployment
This is the fifth part in a series that I've been working on over the last year. If you're curious to know what leads up to this final piece, check out parts 1, 2, 3 and 4! After working through the foundational aspects of building out a disaster recovery plan, you should be well equipped to understand your organizational…Read More