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AI is Preventing Serious Health Issues: 5 Steps to Getting Started

Remaining competitive in healthcare is a constant challenge. If you’re a CTO or IT Manager at a healthcare organization then you already understand the speed of progress for technology in the industry. Providing quality patient care and balancing resources for lower treatment cost and facility overhead is changing. Every patient touch—from appointment scheduling to follow-up…Read More

MicroAge Rescues EMS Company with IT Managed Services

Business growth is exciting—after all, it indicates success. But there’s a downside, too: the IT challenges that come from trying keep pace. Read on to see how MicroAge recently helped a company get a handle on things with IT managed services. For a growing private ambulance company on the West Coast, the business strategy of…Read More

SD-WAN – MPLS Mesh Network Gives Medical Practice Resilient, Secure Telecom

SD-WAN - MPLS Mesh Network solution
Phones are critical for a doctor’s office. Their business relies on patients calling to schedule appointments and clinicians being able to call patients about medications or lab results, for example. Without a highly available telephone system, such as the SD-WAN – MPLS mesh network featured here, the office cannot function optimally. For a multi-location physician…Read More

Data is the Foundation of AI Use in Healthcare

AI in Healthcare
Reports from the Global Artificial Intelligence Study by the PwC analyzed the potential impact of AI on each industry. The report revealed that healthcare (as well as the financial and retail services sectors) will enjoy the biggest benefits of AI in terms of increased consumption, better product quality and improved productivity. Unprecedented Increase in Patients'…Read More

Ransomware Attack Remediation with a Successful Outcome

Ransomware attack remediation
“Our network is secure. We don’t need to worry about ransomware attack remediation.” “We’re too small.” “We don’t have the budget for that level of security.” For many companies, the objections to anti-ransomware software are real — and understandable. But they don’t hold true for a lot of organizations. In fact, one health care company…Read More

Disaster Recovery Planning in the Healthcare Industry

In the world of healthcare, the development of a solid disaster recovery plan has tended to fall by the wayside, and rightfully so. Most of the available resources are focused on keeping the lights on, keeping the operation running and providing great service to patients. Fair enough, right? Unfortunately, I've found not planning for disaster recovery can…Read More