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Cumulus Linux Helps Growing Company Move to Open Networking Model

Open Networking
Growing pains are part of any successful business. For a 250-user marketing data company based in the western U.S., rapid growth translated into a significant problem — running out of space for all of that data. As the company prepared to move into a new office, the IT team had an opportunity to build a…Read More

Growing Company Benefits from Investment in Converged Infrastructure

Converged infrastructure solved the problems for a company running out of storage space
Company growth is a good thing. But its impact on IT is unmistakable. For one medium-sized digital radiology company, running out of storage space in its offsite data center wasn’t a virtual problem—it was a very real one. The company was running out of physical space. Read on to see how a converged infrastructure solution…Read More

Cisco Meraki Wireless Networking Solution Saves IT Staff Time

When you think of all that goes into moving from one facility to another, it can make your head spin. But a move is also a great time and the perfect opportunity to take a closer look at your technology and make improvements. And for the IT director of a medium-sized digital radiology and storage…Read More

How a Retail Chain Simplified IT Procurement

Opening a retail store isn’t easy. There are a lot of moving parts, and IT is just one piece of the complex puzzle. To uncomplicate the IT procurement piece of that puzzle, a mid-market farming and ranching retail chain reached out to MicroAge's Mike LaPorta for support. Mike started with a site visit to understand…Read More

Carbonite EVault Data Backup and Recovery Keeps Huge—and Growing—Database Safe

When you have a database of 235 million consumer records and more than 2,200 participating organizations, you have to have ironclad reliability in storage and data backup and recovery. Specializing in providing data for clients to market to their customers, this company is experiencing data growth of 30 percent per year. It is mission-critical to…Read More

HP, EMC Data Storage Expansion Cures Veterinary Imaging Firm’s Pet Peeve

Patient care often involves X-rays, ultrasounds and other imaging options. When your patients are the four-legged kind you must rely on specific imaging technology for diagnosis and treatment. For hundreds of veterinary practices nationwide, this company sets the industry standard. With its leading digital radiography, cloud-based picture archiving and communication system (PACS), ultrasound and imaging…Read More